How to take care of your tattoos? The golden rules

What you need to know to take care of your tattoo

The success of a tattoo does not depend solely on the talent of the tattoo artist. By adopting good behavior, you too will contribute to the fact that your tattoo artist is in good condition, that your tattoo heals and ages well. And contrary to what many people think, these good practices start even before the beginning of your tattoo.

Overview of the different treatments to bring to your tattoo.

How to prepare yourself before the tattoo act?

This is a rule that is not always respected, but is nevertheless obvious: a tattoo is ready. First by resting the days before the passage under the needles, and by feeding you healthily. This will allow your body to better withstand the pain and dermatological trauma. Also remember to moisturize your skin with cream. The hardliners will even tell you to wear cotton clothes on the areas where you want to get a tattoo.

On the side of things to avoid, some basic rules also apply, but it is never useless to repeat them: do not consume drugs and / or alcohol the day before your tattoo, wait to go in festoch in Kathmandu ! No aspirin or equivalent, they have the effect of accelerating blood circulation, and avoid scrubs to not irritate your skin.

You are ready to get stung in the best conditions.

Care of your tattoo right after the session

Your session has just ended, and your new tattoo will take about ten days to heal. During these ten days, you will have to respect carefully these councils as well as those which your tattoo artist will give you. Always have your hands clean before touching your tattoo because a few hours later you will remove your dressing and apply a neutral pH soap on it. This will clean up the excess ink as well as blood and lymph residues. Then clean your tattoo with a clean towel, apply a care cream and redo your dressing. Ideally, repeat these steps before going to bed to spend the night with a clean bandage.

tattoo dressing

The care to perform until the total healing of your tattoo

The healing period will last about 10 days. Be quiet, your daily life will not be shaken so far, and this time no prohibition to go for a good pint or you put on a shot of Jagermeister to celebrate your new tattoo. However, you will have to bow to a little ritual. First, you can separate from your dressing and, as much as possible, try to leave your tattoo in the open air or in contact with cotton clothes. Then, clean your tattoo twice a day in the shower: morning and evening. Finally, apply moisturizer 4 to 5 times a day. There are many creams available on the market, we have tested and we approve creams Uriage.

Depending on your skin and the part of the body on which you performed your tattoo, healing may be longer. In this case, continue the treatment until your skin regains its original appearance.

Crusts and itching

They are not guaranteed, but may occur. It is necessary to apply a very simple rule: do not touch! That is to say, no scratching and even less grubbing crusts under penalty of deteriorating the quality of your tattoo. By tearing a crust, you may see a small hole – which is not the most beautiful effect. Here is a little grandmother's remedy: if the itching are too strong, apply an ice pack a few moments. And do not hesitate to reproduce the operation every time it will itch you.

take care of his tattoo

For a month, the care and what to avoid

Here are the best practices to follow in the month following your tattoo:

  • Avoid dusty environments
  • Wear 100% cotton or leave the tattoo in the open air (after removing the cellophane)
  • Avoid contact with animals
  • Change your bedding regularly
  • Avoid exposure to the sun
  • Avoid the swimming pool, the sauna, the hammam and more generally the extended stations in the water
  • Banish swimming at sea, salt digs the skin and may affect your healing, and the quality of your tattoo

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