10 watercolor flower tattoo ideas you'll love

10 watercolor flower tattoo ideas you'll love

Decide get a tattoo It has not been easy, but choosing it is not easy either … If you like flowers very much or are curious about them, here we leave you the best floral tattoo designs in watercolor so you can keep an eye on them.

There are different types of tattoos and still not all floral tattoos They are the same, you will find some very attached to the classic and other modern illustrations combined with phrases or geometric figures.

10 watercolor flower tattoo ideas you'll love

Sometimes we seek to highlight that part of our body that we like the most, and for some it may be the arms, look at this design. The flowers have a finish similar to that of a paint on paper and it looks more elegant because it does not have many delineated.

watercolor rose flower tattoo

Although bougainvillea are hard to illustrate, check these girlfriends tattoos, no doubt a beautiful way to honor a special friendship.

watercolor flower tattoos

Not every tattoo has to be big, you can ask for a small tattoo, a flower with stem and leaves, like the one in the picture.

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orange rose tattoo on arm

They can even be bundles of lilac flowers and combine it with a tattoo of some phrase that you like or that has a special meaning written in italics.

purple flower tattoo with italic phrase

If you are one of those who likes to wear her ankles wearing bracelets or clothes that let them see, look at this amazing tattoo of colorful flowers. Do not be afraid of it being very colorful, if it goes with your personality Go ahead!

watercolor flower tattoo on ankle

There are some tattoo designs more discreet and are perfect for carrying on the back. If you want it to be noticed but not stand out too much, ask them to do it in light or neutral colors.

watercolor flower tattoo on back

Do you like to combine styles? Try mixing geometric strokes with flowers. It will give you a more sophisticated look.

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At the center of the back you can choose to look one vertically, for your spine.

watercolor flower tattoos

A hip tattoo It can bring many benefits if you are not wide-hip. Making them in this place can make them look wider than they really are.

floral tattoo on watercolor hip

The arm may be from the places where it hurts you to get a tattoo, but you should know that this type of flower will hurt less. Not being so saturated, the tattoo artist will make very small incisions to place the ink.

watercolor red flower tattoo on forearm

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