Meaning of Viking Tattoos: PHOTOS and DESIGNS

Meaning of Viking tattoos

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Are you thinking of getting a tattoo somewhere on your body? If so, you will know that the choice of drawing can be somewhat complicated, since there is a great diversity of body designs. However, despite this endless number of drawings that we can choose from, there are some themes that are more popular than others: this is the case with Viking tattoos.

The Vikings were one of the Nordic peoples that emerged in Scandinavia centuries ago; Not only was it a feared population that ransacked cities, but they were also known for their beliefs, now known as Norse mythology. Within this mythology we find viking love symbols and Viking family symbols that are still very relevant today and that many ink lovers decide to capture in their body. Some prominent Viking tattoos are the Valkyrie, Thor's hammer or the Valknut. But do you know what the meaning of viking tattoos? If you want to discover it, keep reading this article by unCOMO and enjoy the photos and designs we offer you.

Meaning of viking rune tattoos

The Viking runes are one of the most demanded tattoos in relation to Norse mythology. Also known as runic alphabet or Futhark, it was a writing of the Viking and Germanic peoples that it was used for divination as well as magic. These symbols were considered a magical alphabet through which deities communicated, which is why it was so important. Although there are a variety of symbols within this type of writing, below we discover the meaning of the tattoos of the main vikinas runes:

  • Othila: It is a rune related to the clan and its inheritance and its main meaning is associated with prosperity, acquisition and lasting benefits. Somehow, it was believed that good luck could come through this rune.
  • Dagger: This rune, also known as Daez or Dagr, has a meaning that is deeply linked to transformation and the natural cycle. There are many people who tattoo it as a symbol of growth and maturity.
  • Inguz: also known as Ing or Ingwaz. This rune is related to fertility, new beginnings and regeneration. It is usually a recurring tattoo on people who start a new life or a new project.
  • Laguz: also called Lörg or Lagus, this rune has a meaning associated with water, the source of fertility and, ultimately, the fluidity of elements and emotions.
  • Berkana: A rune very popular among women because its symbolism is closely linked to femininity, fertility and motherhood.

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Meaning of Viking tattoos - Meaning of Viking rune tattoos

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Meaning of Viking Valkyrie tattoos

If there is a tattoo par excellence in the Viking world, it is the Valkyries, a symbol that in the old Nordic language meant "the one that chooses the fallen in battle." Within Norse mythology, the Valkyrie were considered as minor deities under the command of goddess Freya. These semi-goddesses were in charge of choosing the most heroic warriors fallen in battle to accompany them to the Valhalla, where they would be at the service of the god Odin, who would prepare them for the Rägnarok or the great battle of the end times.

Due to the Valkyrie, considered deities and warriors in turn, the general meaning of the viking valkyrie tattoos It is usually associated with power, struggle and strength, especially the feminine.

Meaning of Viking tattoos - Meaning of Viking Valkyrie tattoos

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Vegvísir symbol and its meaning

Another of the best Viking tattoos for women and men is the Vegsívir which means path (Veg) and guide (Vísir). The Vegsívir is considered a very ancient symbol in Icelandic culture, as it first appeared in the Huld manuscript and in the magical book Galdrabok. This symbol, represented mainly by a compass, was considered a talisman that protected any home, which is why it used to be painted on the doors of many homes.

Currently, Vegsívir is one of the symbols of the most used Viking tattoos, since it represents taking the right direction and choosing the right path. That is, it is a drawing that symbolizes the strength we draw when we feel lost and that can help us find our destiny.

Meaning of Viking tattoos - Vegvísir symbol and its meaning

Meaning of the Viking tattoo Valknut

If you are looking for a Viking bracelet tattoo, the Valknut may be the most suitable symbol for you. The Valknut, also known as the heart of the fallen or the heart of Hrungir, is a symbol composed of three interlocking triangles that they represent a story of the prosaic Edda where the god of thunder Thor killed the giant Hrumgir.

The Valknut is also known as Odin's knot, since according to Viking beliefs, who tattooed this symbol established a commitment to serve the Norse supreme god. In addition, it is also a drawing that symbolizes power both to cause fear among adversaries and to gain confidence and courage, so it is a very common tattoo between fighters and warriors.

Meaning of Viking tattoos - Meaning of Viking tattoo Valknut

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Meaning of other Viking tattoos for women and men

In addition to the previous drawings, below we explain the meaning of other Viking tattoos. Within this list, you will find great Viking love symbols, family Viking symbols and other small Viking tattoos with their meaning.

  • Aegishjalmur: in the past this symbol was drawn on the faces of the Nordic warriors to grant them invincibility during battles. Therefore, a tattoo with this drawing may be associated with safety, power and protection.
  • Thor's hammer tattoos: A tattoo with Thor's hammer or Mjolnir symbolizes the power of this god over lightning and thunder, so it can be a symbol of protection and strength.
  • Viking wolves or wolves: the worgos were Nordic animals that represented cunning and intelligence. For this reason, a tattoo with Viking wolves can mean family union to achieve success as long as there is union between members of the same group. It can also be understood as a Viking symbol of love, since it represents that unity is strength.
  • Ouroboros or uroboros: also known as Jörmundgandr or the snake of Midgard, one of the sons of the Viking gods Loki and Angrboda. Ouroboros was represented as a snake that eats its own tail, since its size could allow it to surround the world. This drawing symbolizes the cycle that is repeated again and again, eternal life, struggle, effort and even love.

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Meaning of Viking tattoos - Meaning of other Viking tattoos for women and men

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