Tattoos on the wrist: great ideas that will inspire you.

tattoo on the wrist

Tattoos look beautiful on any part of the body, but the message they convey depends on the type of tattoo design. Here we are going to talk about tattoos on the wrists.

The doll is one of the coolest parts of the body to get tattoo designs. Certainly, it is more painful to get a tattoo on the wrist, because the doll is a sensitive part and has very little fat. You will feel pain when the tattoo machine injects the ink into your skin. The doll is a very common part of the body where you can easily see a tattoo. Both the selection of tatus designs and placement are very important. Therefore, you must choose the best tattoo designs.

Wrist tattoos

tattoos on the wrist

When looking for places for tattoos, many people opt for a part of the arm. The doll is becoming a more popular place, but remember that the doll is not only very visible, but also in a place that is exposed to many other things. For example, the wrist is often hit and rubbed, which makes the healing process slow. Some wrist tattoos must be repeated a second time, depending on the location of the wrist. If it is too close to the hand, flexion of the joint may cause it to open while it is healing. Don't let these things influence you, however, just keep them in mind. With proper care, your wrist tattoo can be as good as a tattoo on any other part of the body.

A tattoo on the wrist should look impressive.

Map tattoo on the wrist

Most people love getting tattoos on their inner wrist, a place where blood from the heart beats near the surface. Girls usually get tattoos on their wrist. As we know, women are more demanding and more up to date with fashion, so they also want great wrist tattoo designs that give a meaningful message. And certainly, a tattoo on the wrist should look impressive.

lightning tattoo on the wrist

The doll is a prominent part of the body where some special types of small tattoo designs are suitable for simple tattoos, flower tattoos, Celtic designs, bird tattoos, musical symbol tattoos, etc. Most girls always prefer to have cute and small tattoo designs. on his wrist Wrist tattoos can also be seen as jewelry. We can see many small doll tattoos that intersect, nautical, tribal stars, birds, angel wings, the symbol of infinity, which many of us like. Wrist tatus are useful for conveying the message. The couple's tatus are helping to show love to each other.

Designs and ideas of wrist tattoo.

infinity tattoo on the wrist

Wrist tattoos help increase beauty and personality. These wrist tattoos have become a point of attraction. As you know, some celebrities also have wrist tattoos.

Wrist tattoos help mark beauty and personality.

original tattoo on the wrist

Above all, customers determine a place for a tattoo, even before design and color. However, many questions arise once this decision is made:

tattoos for the wrist

Is it painful to get a tattoo?

How to choose one among many ideas?

How to find the best tatus teacher.

Is a wrist tattoo painful?

flower tattoos for the doll

Most tattoos are painful, especially those that are inscribed in places where the skin is thinner with little meat to cushion the needle. Therefore, it is common to hear people talk about the painful experience they experienced when they were tattooed on their wrists. However, there are others who say that the pain is less when tattooed on the wrist than in other parts of the body, such as the thighs, which have more meat to cushion the needle. Whatever your experience, it is important to realize that tattooing any part of your body produces a painful experience and you should always take the necessary precautions.

There are some common reasons why they prohibit getting a tattoo:

common reasons why they prohibit getting a tattoo

First, there are some common reasons for prohibiting getting a tattoo: chronic diseases or the period of exacerbation, common cold and fever; period of pregnancy or natural feeding; alcohol or drug poisoning; Skin diseases; problem with blood clotting or cardiovascular system; If you are a minor. Keep in mind that it is not fun for girls and toddlers.

tattoo design

Ask yourself, do you want to show a tattoo everywhere or will it be visible only to you? For example, if you had a tattoo on your face, it will always attract attention. Variations in your neck or leg can be hidden under clothing. Conservative places for tatus are considered the chest, abdomen, wrist, shoulders, back and feet.

The doll is an area of ​​greater participation of energy waves.

cross tattoo design

In ancient times, there was a belief that the doll is an area of ​​greater participation of energy waves. That's why people believe that a tattoo in that place is a powerful component of energy.

Tattoo design on the wrist

Many centuries ago, wrist and arm tattoos were used to protect against disease. In general, it was believed that if he had special design sizes on the upper or lower limb body parts, the enchanting curses that the witches would throw at him and that would be primarily responsible for causing an illness would not harm him.

nice tattoo design

It is this widespread belief among the first inhabitants of planet Earth that led to a widespread acceptance of arm tattoos by most people. Over the years, seafarers quickly adopted the practice of getting tattoos on their wrists for several reasons. Among the sailor's common tattoo designs was the nautical star they used as a guide in deep waters to keep them safe until they reached their destination.

super tattoo design

The use of these tattoos has gained meaning these days with many people who cite inspiration as the main reason they would have a tattoo on their wrists. Inspirational images and messages are often recorded on the wrist to keep the user in difficult times.

diamond tattoo design

Other people, especially celebrities at prominent shows or sporting events, use wrist and arm tattoos to send a message to their audience. In most cases, they put a beautiful picture that will keep your followers talking. Wrist tattoos are also used today for purposes of greatness, in which beautiful ladies record attractive images and messages with the sole purpose of winning soulmates.

What does a wrist tattoo represent?

bracelet tattoo design

During the 50s and 60s, when tattoos had not yet been achieved, gays and lesbians identified a tattoo on the wrist. During those days, having tattoos in the wrist area often resulted in stigmatization and, therefore, very few heterosexual people had the audacity to burn them on their bodies. Today, the association of wrist and arm tattoos to gays and lesbians is not common, but you never know what message they are sending to their tattoo fans. Modern tattoos in the wrist area represent inspiring images that most users cannot do without.

rainbow tattoo design

Tattoos in the areas of the dolls are becoming increasingly popular among young people who prefer to have a unique body piercing and different from the thousands of other tattoo users with ornaments on the chest and upper arm. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that one of the reasons why wrist tattoos are popular is the novelty they offer compared to conventional chest and arm tattoos.

Characteristics of the location of the tattoo on your wrist.

tree tattoo design

The doll is a fairly intimate area, which is not immediately obvious, if the person does not want it to be. A shirt and a sweater with long sleeves are ideal for hiding a figure. Unique tatus are much larger than any chain or bracelet.

tattoo design bracelet

Next, let's focus on some types of original tattoo designs that look great on the wrist. As we said before, a bracelet with braids or geometric figures can be a good idea for both men and women. You can be creative with the design or opt for simple lines, it depends on your personal tastes.

tattoo design jewelry

Not all tattooed jewelry has to be simple bracelets and beads. This piece is reminiscent of Victorian jewelry. It has many elements, such as pendants and fine chains that connect everything. This is a slightly abstract design, but it is feminine and beautiful, even if it is a fairly large piece.

simple tattoo design

Our advice is to choose a design that defines your character or that reflects something really symbolic for you; An event, a special person or your personal motto of life.

flower tattoo design

Tatus of small intricate details and super fine lines are very fashionable right now. We do not doubt that they look great, but keep in mind that this type of work is usually very difficult and complicated for most tattooists. If you have chosen a design like that, you should ensure that your professional tattoo artist can meet your expectations. Ask him to show you some previous works that are similar to his design.

snowflake tattoo design

Another thing you should keep in mind is that the super thin tattoo is that over time, its lines tend to widen as the skin dilates. It is very typical to see tattoos of letters or tiny details that are blurred or almost without ink. Consider this before continuing with your wrist tattoo.

dot tattoo design

Colored tattoos, without black borders, are a trend that appeared a few years ago. With the improvement in the development of color inks for tattoos, the designs underwent an authentic transformation, which offers countless possibilities today.

colorful tattoo design

For example, oil painting or watercolor-style tattoos look very beautiful on the skin. They look like works of art with bursts of colors that blend together.

frog tattoo design

But there is a trend in the world of tattoo that comes from Asian culture and is causing real fury throughout the world; We talk about the Kawaii style.

kawaii tattoo design

Prepare for extreme tenderness. In Japanese pop culture, the term Kawaii is used to describe things that are cute, adorable and adorable, like all the tattoos you'll see next. We hope you are ready to see sweet creatures, lovely kittens and nice beings. Enjoy these kawaii tattoos.

Laura Anunnaki kawaii style tattoos.

Laura Anunnaki kawaii style tattoos

Laura Anunnaki's kawaii tattoos almost have their own style … you could say they are bright!

Laura Anunnaki kawaii tattoo

Laura Anunnaki kawaii tattoo

Pink hair tattoo artist Laura Annunaki (or Laura Aguilar) is based in Mexico. Obsessed by Pokémon and other cute creatures of Japanese animation, he creates small tattoos with many bright colors and bright effects. In fact, the color pink is the dominant visual element of his creations, following the tendency of the work of pink (instead of the work of black).

Laura Anunnaki tattoo

Tattoo by Laura Anunnaki

If you are a fan of Sailor Moon, Pokemons, Hamtaro and other small kawaii creatures, Laura Annunaki's portfolio is made for your greatest pleasure …

Laura Anunnaki tattoos

It never hurts to add some colors to your wrist tattoos. When you get something capricious, like a pair of children riding a unicorn, color is essential. Not all colors have to be bright and vibrant, as you can see, the use of pastel and muted colors can make a wonderful tattoo.

Kawaii style tattoo

Kawaii style tattoos Bambi tattoo Owl tattoo kawaii tatu crown tatu nice tattoo nice tattoo on the wrist nice flower tattoo for the doll flower tattoo for the doll tattoos for the wrist

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