Roman, normal and Mayan numbers

Hello, today we start with this wonderful blog. After several months designing the blog and its entire structure, I think it's time to start writing and contributing some of my knowledge about tattoos to the internet world. I hope you like my articles and as is evident, I will talk about tattoos and everything related to them.

In this first article we will talk a little about number tattoos and how people choose these designs to decorate their body. Tattooing is a difficult decision and even more choosing the design that is for all our life. A bad choice can lead us to hate these tattoos.

There are different types of numbers: We do not mean whether they are natural, real, integer, rational or complex. This classification is only given in mathematics. We talk about Roman numerals (Roman numeration), Mayan numbers and the numbers that we know and that we use in mathematics (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 …)


Young man with a Roman numeral design on his back. Right in the center of the back.


A wedding couple with the same Roman numerals. They symbolize love between them.

Meaning. What does it symbolize?

In this first post I will say something that is evident and that will be fulfilled for all types of tattoos in the world. The meaning of a tattoo basically depends on the user. For example, for me the eagle can mean strength and courage and for another person, not just the opposite but if something different. Well the same goes for numbers, even having these, more different meanings. What does the number 21 mean to you? In my case, it means absolutely nothing, but it may be that it is an important number for you: Be it the day your son or your father was born. Or simply, be the day you began the relationship with your boyfriend or worse, the day you broke up with your partner. Therefore, from now on I will give you a small orientation on what symbolizes or represents the different tattoos.


It is one of the most famous. Some celebrities carry it.

Some examples

I think we have talked too much about these types of tattoos and I am sure that what you want to see are some examples.

Roman numerals


It is the second design we see on a woman's back. This time it has many more numbers than the previous one.

Most of you are sure that you have reached this article because you are interested in this type of tattoo. There are many young girls who have made these designs throughout the body. The most used site of the body without a doubt is the neck. I have seen many women with one of these Roman numerals on the neck and the truth is that for me it is also the best place to have one of these. Despite this It is not the only place in the body. I've seen other times on the rib and even under one chest.

If we talk a little about the tastes of men, it is not usually very common within men and the truth is that I have no explanation about this.

For those who do not know that concordance with the numbers we know:

1. I, 2. II, 3. III, 4. IV, 5. V, 6. VI, 7. VII, 8. VIII, 9. IX, 10. X


There are not many boys who choose Roman numerals although you already see the magnificent result. This guy has several numbers of this type on the upper back

Roman numeral-leg-tattoo

Girl with several Roman numerals on her leg next to two large roses. It is one of the sexiest tattoos we have seen in this article.

Everyday numbers

I think I don't have to explain anything about these numbers. They are the numbers we usually use. Who does not have a favorite number that has given you luck throughout your life? Mine is 8 although it has not made me rich in the lottery but I still believe that number gives me luck or has given me luck in the past.


This girl has three important dates tattooed. The numbers can be numbers but you can build dates with them and the result you see as it is … great.


It is a multiplication. A tattoo quite striking and a bit weird. It is not normal to see this type of tattoos in the street.

Mayan numbers

The previous one did not need to explain it but here I have to stop a little because I think that few people know the Mayan numbering. According to Wikipedia, it is a vigesimal numbering system and is similar to other Mesoamerican civilizations.

It is made up of Mayan stripes and dots and with that all the numbering is formed. I will not go into much detail because it is a type of tattoos not very common and I am sure that when choosing a tattoo you will not decide on a tattoo with a number or several Mayan numbers.

If you want to know the Mayan numbers from one to 100, here you can do it.

For women

Women love these designs, especially Roman numeral tattoos. It is normal, since many celebrities have chosen these drawings. infinity-roman-symbol-numbers

This girl has managed to get the infinity symbol with Roman numerals.


Pretty pretty girl with one of these on her arm. It is very common in young girls from 20 to 30 years.


The ankle can be another great place to have one of these drawings. The number that is tattooed is 23 if we transcribe it to our way of understanding numbers.

For men

It has not been easy to get images with boys and men. There aren't too many men choosing these drawings. Most men decide by normal numbers and not by Mayan or Roman numerals. And most men accompany him with other designs.


Design on the instep. 8-17-1748-12. Those are the numbers if we translate them to the numbers that we understand.


Important date for this man on the back made with numbers. Something happened in 1981 that is and will always be very important for him.


A fairly common tattoo in 2014. The thumbs is a fairly visible place but still many people opt for this place. In this case the drawing is composed of only numbers, contrary to what we said before.


If you still do not have enough, here you have many other photos and images.

roman tattoo 137

roman tattoo 130

roman tattoo 127

roman tattoo 124

roman tattoo 125

roman tattoo 131

roman tattoo 141

roman tattoo 126

roman tattoo 132

Roman tattoo 00001

roman tattoo 128

Roman tattoo00003

Roman tattoo00005

roman tattoo 142

roman tattoo 129

roman tattoo 123

Roman tattoo 135

Roman tattoo 143

Roman tattoo 139

roman tattoo 134

roman tattoo 138

Roman tattoo 136

roman tattoo 140

Roman tattoo00004

Roman tattoo 133

Roman tattoo00006

Roman tattoo 144

Opinion of a professional tattoo artist

Jesus has asked me for my collaboration in this blog to give my opinion about tattoos, in this case, about Roman, ordinary and Mayan number tattoos.

First of all, I consider it appropriate to make a presentation of who I am and how I came to this world. This world has always been my passion and that's why I've been a tattoo artist for 20 years, 10 of them in the US. Thanks to my stay there, I was able to acquire new techniques and methods for performing different tattoos due to the influence of other tattoo artists who work completely differently than you can find in other countries.


Another couple trying to symbolize love with numbers.

As I noted earlier, in this article I will focus on Roman numerals, ordinary numbers and Mayan numbers.

Firstly indicate that Roman numerals are a type of recurring tattoo, since it allows us to print on our skin important dates or numbers, which have to do with some momentous moment in our lives. We can find you of all kinds of sizes and with different paths and shadows, in general, in dark tones and in different parts of the body, being the most common, forearm and wrist. On the other hand, it should be noted that recently some artists with great influence in society have made tattoos with motifs of Roman numerals, which is still another fundamental element that encourages people to imitate these styles. Finally, in reference to these types of tattoos that are becoming very important in recent years, it is a tattoo that can be full of meaning expressed in a simple way.

In relation to ordinary number tattoos, you can say that currently They are not a type of tattoo at the height of Roman numerals, speaking in terms of demand. However, there are people who choose to record their lucky number on their skin and thus accompany you at all times or an unforgettable date although expressed with this type of numbers instead of the Romans, of which it was spoken previously. Unlike Roman numeral tattoos, these are often stamped in color and, although they are not currently as demanded as the Romans, they have in common that they are an easy way to wear engraved numbers or dates on our skins that have a special meaning. for us.


This number is quite important for these two people.

When we talk about tattoos of Mayan numbers, we are probably talking about the type, in terms of numbers, less common of all. Although we find other types of tattoos in relation to the Mayan culture, which tend to have a greater relationship with this culture's own symbology rather than with numbers, such as different tattoos that refer to different types of elements of nature and that can be See more than the Mayan numbers we were talking about. Finally, it can be said that Mayan numbers, although less frequent, are a way to differentiate themselves from the rest and an original way of remembering an important event.

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