69 Designs and ideas of tattoos on the forearm

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The forearms is another of those parts of the body that have entered a certain fashion among people who want to tattoo. Among its advantages is the fact that like other parts of the body, there are two in the body, and it is always conducive to play word games or drawings that complement each other.

The tendency has occurred especially among men, more conducive to this area of ​​the body, although as always there are also many women willing to use this part of the body. It is said that the forearm represents strength and endurance.

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As a striking element, the forearm is an easily musculable area, which attracts attention but is also associated with a certain nonconformity. But that is very popular tattoos in this area with a certain claiming nature.

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As in the rest of the body the casuistry is very wide, as much as drawings and forms may exist, and what will be discussed in this article refers to some more typical categories and drawings.

Among the groups of tattoos that have become more popular are the tribal tattoos, among which are those of the Maori type, both also very present in arms, shoulder and chest, especially among men. These are tattoos that have served these native tribes as media, which included (and still include today in many parts of New Zealand) meanings as diverse as role, war signs, greetings …

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The forearm also serves to show all kinds of tattoos in its different categories: animals, stars, plants, religious symbols and also symbols closely related to magic, sometimes even black magic, or with a certain devilish or witchcraft touch. In this section, special attention to skulls

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Among the animals, you can find the dragon wave snake frequently. The first is related to the strong character and is also related to tradition, while the second represents eternity in many cultures, and is also a powerful emblem of protection and eroticism . A very habitual animal is the bird, sometimes represented small, poorly visible; other times flying accompanied and other times in the form of birds like the eagle or the vulture. In any case, these animals are related to the desire for freedom and evasion.

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Within the section of animals, connected with mysticism, the mermaid undoubtedly has a particular predilection among certain: half woman, half fish equals seduction but also love.

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Among the flowers, the rose It is undoubtedly one of the most used in this part of the body. Well colored and with several roses many of the times, this flower has a meaning very related to love, being also used to convey a romantic desire, eroticism and fulfillment.

Model 137 forearm tattoo

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A tattoo that is often seen on the forearms and that has a lot of meaning is the compass. A compass tattooed in black ink, which clearly marks the four cardinal points. This tattoo it is related to the achievement of a goal and protection which gives an apparatus that allows you to be guided by life (in this case by the sea). In addition, it has usually been related to good luck.

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Next with the marine theme, the knot It is another of those usual tattoos, especially in sea environments and its meaning approximates the concept of covenant or covenant.

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Model 136 forearm tattoo

And finally the stars, always present in tattoos and with so much meaning. If we look at the specific meaning of some of them we can mention among the most typical tattoos the following:

  • Star: the destination, the brightness or the guide.
  • Moon. Discretion, intuition and femininity.
  • Sun: light, life and progress.

The great usefulness of the forearm and its mobility in pairs, allows, as mentioned above, to play word games or include long sentences, whatever their meaning. Additionally I found several musical connotation tattoos, such as staves or musical notes.

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In any case, the forearm is a good starting point for a tattoo or even better to continue with them and increase their visibility.

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100 forearm tattoo idea

Model 122 forearm tattoo

Celtic or Irish skeleton with the typical Irish foul and with the most famous instrument of this country, the bagpipe.

Model 133 forearm tattoo

120 forearm tattoo idea

Skull from which a large snake comes out.

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This time the tattoo consists of daisies around the name of Addison. This name comes from ancient English and means "Son of Adam." In Scottish English it means "son of Addi".

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Model 110 forearm tattoo

model 100 forearm tattoo

What we have here is a mandala which is one of the most famous symbols of Buddhism and Hinduism and catch the eyes of people who approach you. This is achieved with the convoluted designs that you can see in the image. It is an ideal design if you belong to those types of people who love to be observed and attract attention.

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There are some who don't deserve to be here because I don't think anyone in their right mind wants to have one like that in their body.

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Model 135 forearm tattoo

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It translates as Believe in Eternity. If you want your marriage to be forever, it may be a good option.

Model 138 forearm tattoo

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Little owl or owl.

Model 139 forearm tattoo

Take it easy! It is the translation for this phrase in English for those who live life slowly and do not want to hurry up the good life.

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101 forearm tattoo idea

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Model 105 forearm tattoo

Diamonds on many occasions are not tattooed for their aesthetics but because they are considered to attract health and luck.

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The anchors symbolize security and hope and if it is large, it is usually tattooed to help you in exams and tests.

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The third eye symbolizes unity and balance.

Model 121 forearm tattoo

The butterflies symbolize regeneration, metamorphosis and for the Greeks it was the soul.

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Model 103 forearm tattoo

Geisha with a fan and surrounded by flowers.

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A whole tattoo has been tattooed skyline from New York City where the most symbolic buildings appear. All cities have beautiful corners that can be tattooed in the same way. Would you do any with the buildings of your city? Me without thinking.

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110 forearm tattoo idea

Not only English is welcome in these types of tattoos. Hebrew, Arabic, French or Italian are even more used.

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The fir symbolizes the bridge between the earth and the sky and that you are a person who likes to improve in your day to day.

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Hourglass to symbolize that life passes and that you have to enjoy it. It symbolizes that you are a person who cares about living.

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The poppy symbolizes serenity and placidity. People worried about their work or professional future tend to tattoo poppies since in the dream world they symbolize professional stability.

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"Life is wonderful"Sometimes we are depressed and a tattoo like this will remind us every morning that we are still alive and that life is to live it, that we have to wake up happy every day of being born in a world that is getting better and better.

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Again another phrase. This site is ideal for a phrase because of the great length. It translates as "Notice that bodies are only a fraction of who we are."

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In the dream world the rose usually means love, admiration and fertility. Also in psychology the rose represents perfection.

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Model 106 forearm tattoo

A phrase in English that translates as "Laugh as much as you breathe. Love as much as you live." On the other arm he has a heart that you already know what it symbolizes.

Model 130 forearm tattoo

model 123 forearm tattoo

A tree along the entire arm. It usually symbolizes love for the earth and longevity.

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Floral design full of pin-up roses and other flowers unknown to me.

Model 129 forearm tattoo

A large blue feather next to a rose and a four leaf clover.

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The phrase "If God forgives, then God forgives me." Try to show your religiosity and love for your God.

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United States flag made with gray colors. Ideal to symbolize that you are a patriot and love your country.

model forearm tattoo 131

The photo shows what could be called a masterpiece. Totally in black and gray ink.

model 114 forearm tattoo

Shark with its interior colored by a sailor carrying a pirate flag.

forearm tattoo model 109

The forearm of a tattooed man can give for multiple possibilities if we consider that one of the muscles with greater predisposition to work and mold. Thus, its dimensions make possible designs as cool as the one in this photo.

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