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What are scarification tattoos


A tattoo can be defined as skin art; a drawing, shape or writing that is permanently marked on the skin with the use of needles and ink. Although this body art has day after day with more techniques to make these designs, it can also happen that some forms that were used in ancient times to make these drawings on the skin again become a trend.

In this aspect, there is a technique that is currently acquiring each time more popularity Worldwide. We talked about scarification, a way to permanently mark our skin with the use of techniques used in some African and American cultures. But, What are scarification tattoos? Keep reading this article by unCOMO to know what scarification of the skin is, its different techniques to perform it and how to cure these types of tattoos.

What is scarification of the skin

As we have indicated, we can currently find different techniques to make a drawing on the skin. One of the most talked about lately is the scarification of the skin, a method that has been used in various cultures to mark the dermis. Nevertheless,what are scarification tattoos actually?

Scarification is a technique that seeks to produce skin sores. That is, this method is also known by the name of scars and burns tattoosas it is done in order to make skin scars by means of a series of superficial or deep cuts in the body or, causing burns in the dermis. In addition to these denominations, scarification is also currently known as a technique that performs 3D tattoos, since the scars they produce in this technique become scabs that, when they fall, create a kind of relief on the injured skin (as a result of tissue death). These are scars like the ones we get when we get hurt, but in this case they are arranged in such a way that they result in the design we want to form the tattoo.

But where do scarification tattoos come from? Although scar tattoos have become very popular in various western regions used for decorative purposes, skin scarification is a full symbology technique which historically has been practiced in different cultures, among which the American (such as the Mayan and the Chichimeca) and the African stand out. In fact, in some African cultures, scarification is a technique that is considered as a symbol of femininity and attraction and of strength and endurance.

What are scarification tattoos - What is scarification of the skin


Skin scarification techniques

The scarification or scar tattoos It has become a fairly popular trend in Western culture, gaining day after day more supporters. Due to this growing popularity, we can find different methods to perform these types of tattoos. Between the different types of scarification tattoos According to the technique used, the following stand out:

Branding or marking

  • Cautery branding: It is a rare method in which a device that throws an intense current of very hot air is used, thus causing the skin to burn at very high temperatures.
  • Laser branding: This technique is performed using an electronic device that can program the tattoo design. After programming it, it projects a laser with which scarification is done in a precise and controlled way.
  • Strike branding: For this method a metal is heated at very high temperatures and then applied to the skin by pressing it against it.
  • Cold branding: This system is the same as the previous one, but instead of heating the metal, it is subjected to very low temperatures to cool.

Cutting or cuts

  • Hatching: In this system different surgical scalpels are used to cut the skin and thus perform the scarification tattoo.
  • Packing: This method is widely used in some African tribes and consists of making cross sections and then filling them with different substances.
  • Skin removal: This technique involves making the design with a scalpel and then with other utensils the skin is removed to complete the tattoo.
  • Ink rubbing: This method is very similar to normal tattoos, since it involves scraping the skin and then applying the ink to the wounds.


This method involves the formation of scars by removing layers of skin by abrasion or dermabrasion. This skin removal can be done either by scraping the skin, or by using chemicals with a corrosive effect.

How to care for a freshly made scarification

Once we have done a tattoo with scarification, the time will come for the wound healing. Unlike a body drawing made with ink, the scar or burn tattoos they should heal as slowly as possible so that the final result is what we expected. Next, we will explain how to take care of a scarification freshly made in phases:

First phase

The first phase begins just when we have done the tattoo and the wound is fully open and you can see that the blood is "the ink of the drawing". At this time it will be important that we take precautions so that the wound does not become infected, since being open is exposed to all types of microorganisms. We will also have to wash the wound from time to time with cold or warm water and neutral pH soap for proper healing.

Second stage

The second phase will begin when the wound begins to form a scab. Due to healing, you will surely feel itchy in the tattooed area. It is very important that you never scratch your tattoo, as you could hurt yourself and infect the wound. It is also the case that some people who wish to have a very scarified scarification, remove the scab to begin the healing process again, which causes thicker scars to be made.

Other care of a freshly made tattoo

  • Never touch a tattoo by freshly made scarification since this gesture could infect the wound.
  • When you cure the tattoo, try using one-time latex gloves.
  • Try to wear loose clothing and soft materials such as cotton during the healing process, since after this process you will have very sensitive skin and it will hurt.
  • During the first weeks avoid exposing the freshly made tattoo to the sun's rays.
What are scarification tattoos - How to care for a freshly made scarification


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