Tattoos to cover SCARS with PHOTOS and designs

Tattoos to cover scars

The scars are not only marks on the skin produced by a fall or a simple cut, but many times these marks are the result of more traumatic moments that we do not want to be defined. This is what happens in the case of women who have had to undergo mastectomies or other surgical interventions.

Although there are people who are not affected by these types of brands and are proud of what these scars mean, other people seek to reconcile both with the memories that these scars bring and with their body image through tattoos, an art perfect for face to those negative feelings that cause a lot of scars. For this reason, in the following article of a COMO we discover everything you should know about tattoos to cover scars and we give you some original and creative ideas in case you have in mind to become one. What is your favorite?

Tattoos to cover scars on the chest

Among the tattoos to cover scars of operations, we find those that are performed to cover the signs of mastectomies. Mastectomy is a surgical intervention where breast tissue (and the nipple is removed in the case of the total procedure) for both treating and preventing breast cancer. The problem with these types of interventions is that, in addition to being very hard and physically aggressive, they also tend to cause great psychological impact to the woman who must submit to her. There are more and more women who decide to cover the scars of these operations with tattoos of all kinds designed specifically for these situations, since this art helps them regain confidence in themselves and self-esteem:

  • Fairy wings: this type of tattoo is ideal to cover the scars of operations as a mastectomy, since it is a drawing that represents beauty and femininity. If you are looking to enhance your feminine side, this design may be just what you are looking for.
  • Eagle feathers: this animal symbolizes courage and strength, two values ​​that women who have had to undergo operations as hard as mastectomy are very present. In addition, there are several cultures in which eagle feathers symbolize good luck.
  • Lotus flower: if you are looking for a tattoo that represents strength and success in the fight, you are looking for the lotus flower. In addition to these meanings, the lotus flower also represents life, hope, eternity and self-improvement.
  • Koi fish or Japanese carp: another highly recommended drawing to cover this type of marks is the koi fish, which is a symbol of good luck, strength, problem solving and the ability to get ahead.
Tattoos to cover scars - Tattoos to cover scars on the chest

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Tattoos to cover caesarean scars

The birth of a baby is usually one of the most emotional and important events in a woman's life. However, sometimes the delivery does not go as expected and there are many women who, in the end, must undergo a C-section. The problem with caesarean section is that it is a surgical operation in which an incision must be made to open the abdomen and uterus, which subsequently leaves a large scar in the belly area.

Here are some tattoo ideas to cover scars from a C-section:

  • Haida bear: This species of bear used to be represented as a mythological being in some indigenous tribes and used to be associated with motherhood, protection and spirituality.
  • Tree: Tree tattoos are quite recommended to cover caesarean scars, especially if the incision is vertical. Among all the trees that exist, you can choose the cherry tree, since it represents both beauty and life.
  • Lion: The drawing of the lioness normally represents the family union, since they are animals that live in a herd and feel devotion to the protection of their children. Therefore, if you are looking for a tattoo that reflects the bond you have with your newborn baby, this option is ideal for you.
  • Goddess Bastet: Another very original idea to cover the scar of a caesarean section is the Egyptian goddess Bastet. This mythological being shaped like a woman and cat symbolizes motherhood and the protection of children and the home.
  • flowers: flowers are, surely, one of the best options if you are looking for a tattoo to cover a cesarean scar. The flowers, besides being a very flexible design that can adapt perfectly to your tastes and needs, are one of the maximum expressions of beauty. The flowers symbolize the femininity, nature and purity of life, although depending on the color you choose for your design, it will be linked to one meaning or another.
Tattoos to cover scars - Tattoos to cover scars of caesarean section

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Tattoos to cover scars on the back

Some operations on the back, especially in the spine, usually leave a large scar due to the incisions that are made during the process. If you are interested in covering the scars on your back, here are some ideas to get a tattoo:

  • Angel wings: this tattoo is a highly recommended option for these cases, as they enhance our feminine side and have a symbology related to eternity, perfection and purity. They also usually represent our guardian angel, mythological beings that protect us throughout our lives. If you want more information about this wonderful design, check out this article on Meaning of wing tattoos.
  • Phoenix bird: if you are looking for a tattoo that represents the forces you had to draw for this operation, this mythological bird will be the best option for you. The Phoenix is ​​a bird that symbolizes cyclic energy, since when it is burned and reborn from its own ashes, it can perfectly reflect your situation.
  • Dragon: Some women choose to tattoo a large dragon on their backs to hide their marks, since it is a Japanese mythological being that represents strength and power. In addition, it depends on the tattoo design, it can be a very elegant and creative option.
  • The moon and its phases: another recommended option is the tattoos in which all the lunar phases are represented. In addition to being an original and beautiful design, it also represents femininity and personal growth.
Tattoos to cover scars - Tattoos to cover scars on the back

Tattoos to cover keloid scars

Keloid scars are marks that are generated in our body due to an excess of collagen, which gives our skin a lighter or darker color and a smoother texture than normal. Before getting a tattoo to cover this type of scars, it is recommended that consult a dermatologist before:

Among the best designs to cover keloid scars, we find:

  • Butterfly: this insect is usually related to femininity and beauty due to its variety of colors. In addition, due to their ability to fly, butterflies represent freedom and nature. If you want to know more about this type of tattoos, we recommend this other article with photos about the Meaning of butterfly tattoos.
  • Elephant: Elephants are usually linked to the Hindu god Ganesha, a mythological being that represents a symbol of protection in the Hindu religion. It also has a meaning related to love, sincerity and compassion.
  • Unalome: this Hindu symbol usually represents both the birth and the difficulty of learning and the fears that develop throughout our lives. The unalome tattoo is also a symbol of change and the ability to know ourselves. If you are interested in this tattoo and want to know more about its symbolism, do not miss this article about Meaning of the Unalome tattoo.
Tattoos to cover scars - Tattoos to cover keloid scars

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