48 beautiful tattoos for women over 40

Whenever someone asks me what type of tattoo is best for women at an advanced stage of their life, I always recommend them to take what they think is good. Tattoos are an art and a way to express yourself so as to make you happy. Age does not dictate design, but if you're looking for designs for which women over 40 prefer on average more than others, here are some that meet the requirements.

This flower heart.

48 beautiful tattoos for women over 40

If there is a female tattoo, this design can be described as a more creative and creative version of your heart-shaped tattoo design. (Photo: Zihee)

This plug of connection.

48 beautiful tattoos for women over 40

I never really understood why people chose leaf tattoos, but this design allows me to better understand something. Tattoo designs are a cool concept. Most tattoo designs are usually at the feet and hands. That's why this tattoo composed with its unique location immediately caught our attention. (Photo: Maan Simbajon)

This wreath of flowers.

48 beautiful tattoos for women over 40

Last weekend, we stopped at a crowded tattoo shop and noticed that a woman had received a tattoo almost identical to this one. About 5 hours later, I was home and stumbled upon this little beauty. I thought the luck was too great not to miss. Maybe I'll be lucky! (Photo: Tina Choi)

This bright lighthouse.

48 beautiful tattoos for women over 40

If you read regularly (yes, we have some!), You may remember that we turn on these tags. And if we had this design at the time, you can bet that this definitely makes the list. (Photo: hello tattoo)

This horse

48 beautiful tattoos for women over 40

Another of my favorite artists is Ray, the owner of Samurai Tattoo in Shanghai. He is relatively unknown at the moment, but we try to make the most of his work. His talent, his creativity and the quality of his work correspond to the best artists in the world. You will certainly see a lot more of his work here. (Photo: Ray)

This portal.

48 beautiful tattoos for women over 40

I spent at least 5 minutes looking at this tattoo design. And if you think that five minutes are not as long to watch a tattoo, try it and you will quickly see how wrong you are. We love Nando and have shown his work on our website since day one. (Photo: Nando)

This floral crescent.

48 beautiful tattoos for women over 40

If you did not know, the moons of Flower Crescent Moon are in the world of women's tattoo for several years. I mean, it's easy to understand why. They are beautiful and it is a great way to make flowers or a croissant more interesting than any subject would be alone. (Photo: Tatuaggi)

This chain of points.

48 beautiful tattoos for women over 40

The artist describes this piece as a "point-to-point necklace", but perhaps a better label would be a "collarbone necklace". Okay, we definitely want to try forging new sentences since we are between 0 and 20 years old. The way these jewels follow the line of the clavicle inspires only the blacksmith inside us. (Photo: Manu3occhio)

This beautiful poppy.

48 beautiful tattoos for women over 40

Amanda Wachob is the queen of the colorful floral parts of the forearm. His work speaks for itself, but every time we present one of his creations, his tastes, pins and comments never seem to end. This poppy is one of those reasons you really need to see to truly appreciate them. (Photo: Amanda Wachob)

This pet rabbit.

48 beautiful tattoos for women over 40

From the moment I saw this beautiful rabbit tattoo, it reminded me of my pet, which I had when I was little, and which I unfortunately do not remember. I do not think it escaped, I do not remember his death, and my mother did not let him come to the table that way. (Photo: Youyeon)

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