20 Love Tattoos for Couples

20 love tattoos for couples

The world of tattoos is practically infinite, because we can find endless ideas and drawings with a specific meaning. However, within this universe of body designs, love tattoos between couples are back in fashion; drawings, phrases or other forms that both members of a sentimental relationship are tattooed as a symbolic act of their love.

If you are both ink lovers and you are in love, getting a tattoo for couples is a most creative way to show your love. In the following article of a COMO, we propose a series of drawings and shapes that you can tattoo in various areas of the body depending on your tastes and your objective. Keep reading this article and discover 20 love tattoos for couples: ideas and their meaning.

Love tattoos for couples with phrases

Tattoos with love phrases are usually one of the preferred options of couples who have decided to symbolize their happiness with this type of body drawings. In fact, within this type of tattoo we can find from couples that draw the same phrase to others who decide to divide it into two parts so that they complement each other when they join their bodies. If you are thinking of tattooing any phrase that reflects your love, then we give you a series of ideas:

  • The initials of your partner's name: It is a fairly classic tattoo but ideal for those looking for a love tattoo between couples. It can also be the abbreviation of a word with which you identify. These types of phrases are usually tattooed on the fingers.
  • "Mrs." and "Mr.": in Castilian it means "lady" and "sir", titles that are generally used when a couple has formalized. These titles are usually tattooed on the forearm, on the wrists, on the ankles or on the fingers. If you want to discover the meaning of finger tattoos, check out this other article.
  • "Her one, his one" or "Her only, his only": This phrase means "the only one for him / the only one for her" and perfectly demonstrates the complicity between the two people who have decided to get tattooed. It is common to see this type of tattoos on the wrists or on the forearms, as they are very short phrases that are elegant in those areas.
  • Until death do us part: Another tattoo widely used between couples are the phrases "promise" and "until death", an abbreviation of the oath that is usually made when two people get married. A perfect place to give more symbolism to the tattoo is the middle finger of the hand.
  • It does not matter where: "it doesn't matter where" or, in English "no matter where" is another very fashionable phrase between couples. This elegant and simple phrase symbolizes the eternity of the couple's love, regardless of where the future takes it.
20 love tattoos for couples - Love tattoos for couples with phrases

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Love tattoos for couples with children

In addition to tattoos with phrases, other couples look for designs with which they can symbolize not only the love they feel between them, but also towards their children. Therefore, if you want to demonstrate the strong bond that your family has created, here are some love tattoo proposals for couples with children:

  • Footprint: A tattoo widely used by couples who have just had a child is the drawing of the foot of the newborn. The most chosen areas are the chest and back.
  • Family tree or tree of life: A very original tattoo for those who have had one or more children is a tattoo where a family tree is drawn with all family members. However, in recent years the tree of life has gained popularity, with a deeper meaning but still linked to the family theme.
  • Bird family: Another way to show a couple's love for their children is the tattoos of a family of birds. The best place to perform this design is the wrists or shoulders, and the most tattooed birds par excellence are the swallows.
  • Birthdate: In addition to the previous tattoos, another design that couples who have already had children usually do is tattoo the date of their birth. Being a small and simple tattoo, it can be done in virtually any area of ​​the body, although the arms are still the first choice of many couples.
20 love tattoos for couples - Love tattoos for couples with children

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Love tattoos for original couples

Would you like to get a more unique and creative tattoo with your partner to symbolize your love in an original way? Here are some of the most original love tattoos for couples:

  • The halves of a heart: One of the most original and ingenious couple tattoos that you can do is that of a heart broken in half. Only when joining the fingers, or the part of the body in which you have tattooed, the heart will appear complete and the drawing will make sense. In addition to being an original love tattoo for couples, it is an elegant and minimalist drawing for those who do not want a great drawing.
  • The yin and yang: If you want a simple tattoo that shows that together you form the perfect balance, the tattoo for couples of yin and yang is just what you need. Each one will have to tattoo a half and, when the arms are joined with the tattoos, it will be seen that they fit perfectly.
  • The avocado of love: another love tattoo very original and at the same time fun, is the avocado of love. For this tattoo (which is usually done on the forearm), one member of the couple tattooes the drawing of an avocado with the bone in the center, while the other member of the couple draws the other half of the avocado without the bone. Once again, the united drawings will show how they are two halves that complete the drawing.
  • The red thread of destiny: According to this belief of Chinese and Japanese mythologies, the gods tied a red cord around the ankle (in Chinese culture) or the little finger (in Japanese culture) to symbolically unite those predestined people to meet and help each other. In addition to being a love tattoo for most romantic couples, it has a beautiful story behind it.
20 love tattoos for couples - Love tattoos for original couples

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Eternal love tattoos for couples

Do you feel that your relationship will last forever? These are some of the best infinity love tattoos for couples you will find:

  • Phrase always: if something can capture eternal love is the word always (which means "always" in English). You can tattoo it wherever you prefer, but most lovers prefer dolls or fingers.
  • Symbol of infinity: If you are looking for infinite love tattoos for couples, you can also choose to get this symbol tattoo somewhere on the body. To add originality to the tattoo, you can draw the symbol with some date around the line or with unique details that symbolize something for your relationship. If you don't know the meaning of infinity tattoos, discover their incredible explanation in this other article of a COMO.
  • "To infinity" and "and beyond": in Spanish it means "to infinity and beyond". If you like complementary tattoos that are two halves of a whole, this is a perfect example.
  • Puzzle pieces: Another drawing that symbolizes eternal love between couples is the pieces of a puzzle. Only by joining the tattoos will it be seen that they fit perfectly with each other.
20 love tattoos for couples - Eternal love tattoos for couples

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Love tattoos for discreet or minimalist couples

If you are looking for symbolic tattoos for couples but that are more discreet or minimalist than the previous ones, here are some ideas for you to look the most beautiful tattoos in good company:

  • Crowns: The small drawings of a crown with the letter K (King or King) and Q (Queen or Queen) are also a very original idea for those looking for a simple and discreet tattoo.
  • Key and lock: Among the most popular love tattoos for couples on the hands and fingers, we find the drawings of a key and a lock. A tattoo that indicates that you fit perfectly and that only one person can open your soul.
  • Bow and arrow: another tattoo for boyfriends that demonstrates how empathetic you are, are the designs of a bow on the arm of one and an arrow on the arm of the other. Of course, there are many possible variations, but the concept of the bow and arrow endures over time.
  • Sun and moon: Finally, if you are looking for something more symbolic and discreet but equally beautiful, you can also choose to tattoo a sun and a moon on the forearms.

If you want to discover more tattoos for original couples, do not miss this other article of a COMO.

20 love tattoos for couples - Love tattoos for discreet or minimalist couples

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