Creative marine tattoos full of style and meaning.

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As for tattoos, sailors are perhaps one of those who have used them the most in time. So much so that for many they or the fishermen were the first to make this folk art.

Marine tattoos nourished in some way or began thanks to contacts with the culture of the South Pacific area.

Marine tattoos based on different styles and designs.

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A unique opportunity to closely appreciate all the body art that the natives already practiced. Marine tattoos and all the variants that have been derived from these stories. Then it is normal that, within all this current, some designs are placed especially in the category of navigators.

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Something that with the passage of time is not limited only to people who spend long periods at sea. It is the meaning and inspiration in the world of the sea that makes marine tattoos something special. Perhaps the greatest impact is precisely that over time they were responsible for extending the use of the tattoo.

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Within all the symbols and designs are boats and sailboats. In particular, they are symbols of what we can call the old school in this category or theme of tattoos. Boats are often portrayed sailing and surfing the waves. Similarly, headlights, anchors or compasses are practically at the same level of popularity and have their meanings.

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Most of the time they are represented in combination with other symbols or marine fauna. Then we can say that everything from boats to fish has always had an immense influence on the world of tattoos.


Let's look closely at some of the meanings so you have a clear idea if you decide on one of them. We start with sailboats and boats in general. More than a means of transport they represented a sustenance for life. In the same way that they found protection, it was not simply a means to navigate.


Especially sailboats find in the wind what they need to regain strength and move forward. Regardless of adversity or bad weather, that is why it is a reflection of courage and perseverance. Our ability to overcome difficult situations and bad times. That is why sailboats are preferred for those with great willpower.


A good design would be to cross the sea with big waves firmly towards your destination, regardless of adversity. There are many ways to represent them, so we recommend that you evaluate the one you like best. Otherwise with the help of a tattoo artist create a custom design. It will not be very complicated to get them closer to what you really want.

Creative marine tattoos based on lighthouses and seascapes.


Remember that it is not a simple tattoo, it is a symbol of perseverance based on the life of the old sea lions. For whom sailboats represented much of his life. Spend months to years at sea and away from all your loved ones.


All this time, the ship was the world of these people and in all this life and everyday life passed. This way of understanding and seeing life was so strong that at the end of the trip they ended up tattooing it. Being obviously an experience of great impact on the way of life. Therefore, added to the symbolism of perseverance and courage in difficult times, the ship is a symbol of adventure.


It can be seen as courage and the desire to get away from all stability and live a true adventure. Being free and without any stability that links us to something. So it is perfect for those who wish to enjoy their freedom regardless of obstacles or any difficulties that prevent us from reaching our dreams.


Swallows are another marine tattoo with great tradition and importance. It is precisely the return home, often tattooed on the chest or other areas of the body. Mainly for those who sailed great distances. Swallows are seen as a symbol that guarantees protection and return home safely.


Just as they approached the ports or the mainland, the swallows were an indicator that they were returning home. They are very common when ships approach the continent. In practice it is a type of tattoo that also refers to other concepts. From courage to new beginnings or the ability to defend ourselves.


Another very special as we see in the photos are the measures. They were always and are necessary to find their way back home. Crossing the seas and all the dangers that strangers sometimes imply. In addition to the help of the stars and the knowledge of navigation in general. The so-called wind rose and compasses that we see reflected in tattoos are a representation of our navigation in life.


Something that helps us stay in our north and always find our way back. Anchors alone or combined with various types of designs are another interesting part of these tattoos. To understand them we must see it from its function in a ship. It serves to keep it fixed and not let the current carry it.


When we analyze them in their symbolic component, it remains a protective amulet. The representation of hope and love towards everything we love. Also as a symbol of fortune or experience. Its symbolic meaning remains alive since its inception, being like ships one of the most demanded designs. They are often combined with mermaids, ropes or fish. Here we leave several designs. You will find different representations that you can customize to your liking.





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