10 amazing tattoo ideas for free soul women

10 amazing tattoo ideas for free soul women

There are different ways to express and recognize the sense of freedom. There are women who feel spiritually free in the way of loving and others in their way of living life, undertaking trips and fulfilling great goals.

And the need to express it is so great that, what better way to take it to our skin.

Today we put together a list with ten tattoos for free soul girls so you can take a look and find yours.

10 amazing tattoo ideas for free soul women

Paper cranes

East minimalist tattoo The bird of the eastern region not only represents elegance and peace, but also freedom of expression.

free soul tattoos


Opt for beautiful Feather tattoos on the move if you're not such a bird fan. You can add a phrase or put more than one in different sizes.

free soul tattoos


For those looking for their way and place in the world, a compass tattoo will look great and you do not need to capture it literally, look at the one in the following image:

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free soul tattoos

Free to meet

A world map with the path of an airplane on it, is perfect for those who are not afraid to travel or live in different cities, because nothing and nobody keeps them anchored to the same place.

free soul tattoos


A small airplane tattoo can be the one, this goes from one place to another, free from the sky.

free soul tattoos


The flower that emerges in small parts with the blow of the wind, contains the true meaning of being carried away.

free soul tattoos


This is the favorite of many and you can wear it in different shapes, colors and sizes. If your personality is very calm, romantic and cheerful, it can be yours.

free soul tattoos


They symbolize personal freedom, nature, youth and beauty.

free soul tattoos

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For those who have the sense of freedom connected with the energy of nature, it may be most appropriate to wear a flower in vibrant colors like this. If you want one that goes on the back you can mix the stem stroke with some italicized words.

free soul tattoos


Freedom does not always come to us since we were born, sometimes we learn it or allow ourselves to live it halfway, as if we were evolving. This is a dragonflies tattoo that will remind you of all that great path you have traveled to reach the spiritual level you are in today.

free soul tattoos

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