How to understand the price of a tattoo?

Five points to remember!

Sometimes it seems that pronouncing "tattoo" and "money" in the same sentence is considered a sin by some enthusiasts, but the question still deserves to be studied! These few lines below will help you better define the price of a tattoo.

1. What does the price of a tattoo include

It is not unusual to see complaints about the price of tattoos. Phrases such as "dudes gorges themselves", "they are crooks" (or other), are unfortunately heard a little too often.

In reality, the price of a tattoo does not only pay for the wrist and the time of the guy holding the dermograph. There are several very factual elements too often forgotten to take into account: the price of the rent of the shop, the price of the material, the VAT and tutti quanti !

This does not mean that it is necessary to say amen to everything, but when a tattooist announces that tattooing the initials of your friend on the forearm will cost you 80 €, it is important to relativize.

2. The average rate found

Tattoo artists operate at an hourly rate for the most part. In France, it varies overall between € 60 to € 150 (some artists may charge more, and some scratchers may take less). A big difference on paper that takes into account two main criteria:

  • The artist's rating
  • Its geographical location

If the rating is not always synonymous with quality, we must admit that the two often go hand in hand. Also, if you want to be tattooed by Tin-Tin, you will pay the artistic quality of course, but also the artist's rating and a rather well filled agenda. Nothing abnormal!

The geographical situation also plays a role, for a very simple reason: the rents and the cost of living vary according to where you live in the hexagon or in the DOM.

Be aware however that if some tattoo artists increase their price when they gain notoriety, all do not. And there are many well-known tattoo artists in the business who have kept rates quite affordable.

How much does a tattoo cost?

3. Can we determine the exact price of a tattoo?

As we have just seen, the price of a tattoo is the sum of several factors at the same time objective (material, maintenance, rent) and subjective (quality of the work, rating of the artist). Philippe Risoli himself would have a hard time estimating the fair price of a tattoo.

In France, you will not be tattooed at less than 60 € by a professional tattoo artist, the median minimum rate found for a tattoo made by a professional in the hexagon is 80 €. This is justified in particular by the use of single-use equipment, and all "sides" of the preparation that have a cost.

But, the price can go up much higher and varies depending on the complexity of the pattern. Here we take the example of a recognized tattoo artist, settled in the south of France. His rates are his own but can give you a general idea.

  • Black and gray cuff price – 3 sessions – 1.500 €
  • Colorful cuff price – 5 sessions – 2.500 €

Colorful cuff

Tattoo price

We regularly hear complaints from some users who can not get accurate quotes for their tattoo by email or phone. On the one hand, we understand the frustration. On the other hand, we understand tattoo artists … who are not quoting machines. It is necessary for your tattoo artist to understand the project, to know your measurements and to discuss in detail your project to be able to make a precise estimate.

4. What is the right attitude to adopt?

Here are 3 tips that ClubtTattoogives you:

  • Search on the internet the tattoo artist that suits you best. And take the time to look closely at his work. You will give him a part of yourself, it's worth it to be sure of your choice before contacting him to talk price! presents more than 450 professional (and talented) tattoo artists, all over France, with a search engine by location and style. Enjoy!
  • Do not approach the price first. Tattooing is above all an artistic process. And the tattoo artist you choose will enjoy working with you if the relationship is good, if you make him want to work on your project. A " it's going to cost me how much Does not replace a " Hello, delighted, it would make me pleas to get tattooed by you, this is my project".
  • Do not hesitate to ask for an explanation of the rate! We do not encourage you to negotiate the asking price. First because a studio is not a souk. And especially because it may not succeed. However, if the price is not suitable and you can not afford the project you dreamed of, talk to your tattoo artist and ask him to detail the tariff. What is expensive? The colour ? The difficulty ? Size ? Maybe you will find an alternative that suits you!

5. We can not afford to buy cheap!

This may seem trivial, but it is important to remember: you will keep your tattoo throughout your life so do not try to make small savings on the pretext that the street tattoo artist offers less expensive.

Remember that quality is paid for, and that in tattooing the golden rule that always prevails is: we can not afford to buy cheap !

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