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SUMMER TIP: Have you proudly worn a tattoo for a few days and can not wait to show it on the beach? Forget ! Tattoo and sun do not mix, especially if your tattoo is recent.

If your skin is a beautiful canvas that is willingly subject to body modifications, we must not forget that it is primarily a body with a vital function, and therefore, it must be protected.

In order to optimize the cicatrisation and to avoid the changes of all kinds of your tattoo (ink that fuse, which becomes pale, …) or even troublesome reactions during this phase (itching, burns, …) it is necessary to respect the protocol "post- tattoo = healing = caring with his work of art "to the letter.

And among the basic rules that must absolutely be complied with is a sacred chapter on exposure to the sun. And yeah, had to get a tattoo at the beginning!

Going out in the sun with a tattoo done recently

Why do you have to protect your young tattoo from exposure to the sun?

  • The tattoo can become deformed, or fade in some places and become unsightly (the ink can fuse or in other words, the tattoo can become completely vague, it can also fade in places, giving it the appearance of having 100 years…)
  • A sunburn on an unhealed tattoo can trigger an infection of the tattooed area with the risk of purulent effusions and intense burning sensations.

In the second case, a consultation at your dermato will be mandatory. For the first case, with a lot of luck, your tattoo artist (or another) may be able to catch up, but know that it may pass a little soap!

Tattoo sun thigh "width =" 614 "height =" 614

TheThe time to heal the area after a tattoo varies by subject. It should generally be between three weeks and two months. During this period the sea water and chlorine of the pool are to be avoided.

But if despite all you do not plan to spend an afternoon without covering your tattoo, there are still some backup solutions.

  • Your sunscreen, the SPF 50+ (yes the one that is ultra thick and very white) will be your best friend, all the time, everywhere;
  • When you are exposed to the sun, it is best to protect the tattooed area with a garment (ample and preferably cotton);
  • It is essential to avoid direct and "unfiltered" contact between the tattoo and the sun.

Small note but still important: a layer of thicker cream does not protect "better" from the sun, as well as the healing cream recommended by your tattoo artist. It is also recommended to massage the skin during the application so that the tattoo does not remain under a wet and asphyxiant layer and "breathes" to better heal. The principle is the same when you apply your sunscreen, do not drown your tattoo, it is about the opposite to let it breathe!

If you go to the sea or have a pool, you must also protect the tattoo during your swim (if you can not resist, otherwise resist). It is recalled that the baths during the first 3 weeks post-tattoo are totally proscribed.

If you still want to do one or two dives (whether at the pool, in a lake or at the sea), it is absolutely necessary to avoid that the water comes into contact with the tattoo which is a wound.

Tattoo beach back flowers "width =" 575 "height =" 374

Leaving in the sun with a well-healed tattoo

Tattoos already healed too, do not mix well with the sun: it could tarnish the colors (the light colors are the ones that drool the most, a tattoo in white ink can completely disappear) and remove the sharpness to the contours .

Of course the issue is not the same as with a recent tattoo. No need to flee the sun like the plague, but even after weeks, months or years, it is highly advisable to protect your tattoos from the sun. This will particularly promote a good aging of your tattoo.

Tattoo back sun blonde lettering "width =" 647 "height =" 615

What you must remember :

  1. With a tattoo done recently, avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible if not minimize the exposure time and protect the tattoo of the sun.
  2. Do not bathe: all swimming is prohibited during the healing time of the tattooed area.
  3. If diving is unavoidable: use a product for the water to bead on it, rinse it immediately after leaving the water and then make sure to put sunscreen on immediately.
  4. With a healed tattoo: always make sure that it is well protected from the sun to avoid premature aging of the latter.

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