10 tattoo ideas with special dates to remember

A beautiful way to carry memories and moments that have left their mark on our path through life is through a tattoo.

The tattoos with special dates they have become quite popular and here in 10 year old woman We are going to show you the best we have found.

Look at these tattoos to wear that important date

If you thought this type of tattoo they were only carried in one way horizontally, you are wrong, the one in the following image gathers the numbers in a circular way.

tattoo with circle date

An incredible idea to decorate your tattoo is to add another tattoo, just like this one with flowers. We assure you that it will make it even more special if it is something you want to remember with love.

date tattoo with flowers

None is so big or small, the next tattoo you will like if what you want is to remember a specific year that has marked your life.

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tattoo with date on the forearm

The date tattoos They look great in Roman numerals, look at this Tattoo on the arm.

Roman numeral date tattoo

Collect the dates of your loved ones or dates that have been important in life and plasm them on your skin with a tattoo on the back. See these 10 beautiful tattoos that you should do if you lost a loved one.

tattoo with dates on back

If it's about remembering one month, check the next one tattoo with dates special. It will look simple but stylish depending on the typeface and the best thing is that you can accompany it with others small tattoos Like this of a moon in blue ink.

date tattoo with letters and number

Your anniversary can take the skin with this tattoo for couples. Choose a simple typography or italic if you want it to look a little more romantic …

tattoo with boyfriends date

An incredible place to wear this type of tattoo is on the ribs. No matter what style of numbers they are, they will look great in this part of your body.

rib date tattoo

birth date tattoo

Another idea that you will surely love is to bring a tattoo with the date of your anniversary as follows:

date couple tattoo

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