75 Tribute and respect tattoos for the dead or dead

All people, by the mere fact of being, deserve our respect. There is no condition that has to make us miss it that has to do with sex, sexual orientation, race or religious beliefs. Another concept, which goes very closely with respect, is that of honor, linked, according to the dictionary, to "the moral quality that leads to the fulfillment of one's own duties with respect to one's neighbor or one's self". Serving with honor in certain institutions, as in the army, is to get a very good reputation, glory, won by merit or heroic actions, returning to the dictionary. It is in someone's hand to get it but, as it does not always happen with money, it is obtained with truth and with sacrifice, and its loss implies, in most cases, never being able to recover it.


For the respect or honor that many people deserve, that is why, on many occasions, we are tempted to pay tribute to them. We can do it by giving you a bouquet of flowers or beautiful words spoken or written in a place where the more people see them the better. And also, and this is when the thing gets interesting, through a tattoo. Let's see.

Habitually, We think that a hero or a heroine are because they have super powers, especially when we are too young to understand. Already older, we managed to recognize that they are because they have managed to do something really great for salvation for the world. It's nice to hear stories like Malcom X, an influential American who based his speech on denouncing the inequality between blacks and whites in the United States. Or that of Mahatma Gandhi, an Indian pacifist who fought for justice for the idea of ​​previously unknown methods of struggle, such as the hunger strike, or even defending civil disobedience. Or that of Anna Politkóvskaya, a Russian and American journalist who died for defending the violation of rights in the Chechen war and, in general, in Russia, in front of President Vladimir Putin. Their sacrifices would well deserve tattoos, in which their words were collected, for example.

They and she have gone down in history and are known by many people in the world, who at least know their names but not so much their work. But daily We live with people to whom we would pay tributes in the form of tattoos for the respect we give them. Unfortunately, many of us do not learn to value it enough until they leave our lives.


We talk, for example, about our mothers. It is not only that we owe them life biologically, but that they watch over our well-being from when we are little until they have to leave us. They work outside the home to invest in our education, food and clothing; inside the house so that everything is ready, and because they continue to be subject to gender roles; they become our tutors from the time they help us with their homework until they educate us in values, in our psychologists when we are sad, in our counselors in all kinds of situations …

That is why there are many people who get a tattoo of the face or the name of their mother, or also of their partner, of their friend or of some other relative whom they consider their hero or heroine. Let's not fool ourselves, being a mother is not easy, it is the biggest challenge that life offers you. Therefore, we must know how to recognize them (like parents, of course), like the stories of those who have given themselves altruistically, for love, but without knowing everyone.


To open this fantastic gallery, we have this great tattoo of an American eagle, emblematic animal of the United States, on whose wings you can see the flag of this nation and an emblem referring to the army of the air. The eagle has a band between the claws in which you can read "Everyone gives something. Some give everything."


These three friends show us their joint tattoos, which are made in homage to their friendship, something very worthy of respect and an honor for those who achieve such a special bond.


The following tattoo is clearly aimed at honoring a person belonging to the army who went to a better life at an early age, probably in an act of service. In this design we see the angel of a soldier carrying the flag of the United States.


Now we turn to a sentimental tattoo composed of a star that contains the flag of the United States, and from which hangs one of the popular identification badges of the army. On the plate you can read a name, a clear tribute to this person.


This expressive design is composed of a wooden cross with thorns and from which a pair of wings. In the tattoo there is a band in which you can read "Dad" in English, which indicates a tribute of this person to his deceased father, to keep him always present.


To continue, here we have a large tattoo composed of a rifle placed on a pair of boots and with a helmet copper it, with the flag of the United States in the background and accompanied by a phrase that expresses a deep respect for the body of the army and its members


The following is a great and simple tattoo in honor of someone already deceased. In this tattoo in memory of this person has the phrase of remembrance accompanied by the hieroglyphic symbol of "Anj", which means "life", which has a pair of roses on the sides.


In this case, we have a beautiful and colorful tattoo with a beautiful composition formed by a bird that flutters on a flower and that accompanies a band in which you can read in English "Everything that rises must converge."


In this wonderful tattoo we see a design in honor of this deceased dog, which was probably the faithful companion of this person, which can be deduced from the Latin phrase that accompanies it "Semper fi", which means "always faithful". It is a beautiful tattoo full of feeling.


Next, we have a beautiful design of an eagle that flies by carrying a gravestone with initials and dates on its claws. This drawing in tribute to this person is made using shaded and sepia tones that look great.


Now we turn to this beautiful and delicate tattoo in honor of a person who, presumably, was a music lover or musician by profession, because you can see some initials with an angelic halo over them and some musical notes and stars on the sides.


The following is a sober and direct tattoo in homage to this person who has gone on to a better life. In it we find a great cross with the name of this person and a date accompanying it. The entire design is made using only black and shaded ink.


We continue with a design in homage to a deceased American football player, who intuits that he was highly appreciated by one of his teammates, who is the one who has decided to make this design.












































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