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The lotus flower is a very powerful symbol of studies that come from the East, Buddhism, ancient India, Egypt and China. It is considered a sacred plant that embodies purity and chastity, fertility and productive power. It is a symbol of harmony and love, purity and perfection. It is also called the "flower of light" as an expression of the interaction between the creative forces of water, sun and moon. The lotus is the flower of wealth, prosperity, success and positive energy. All these positive connotations tattoo lotus flower background a very popular option. From all of this you can already observe that the answer for lotus symbolism is not one-sided. This flower is appreciated by different cultures. Its meaning is similar, source of life, beauty and harmony.

And the meaning differs for different cultures. In China, the lotus was venerated as a sacred plant even before the spread of Buddhism. He embodies purity, fertility and power. According to the ancient Chinese in the western sky, a lotus lake is located in paradise. The lotus is the sacred flower of the ancient Egyptians as well. Symbol of the creation and birth of the sun as the source of life, beauty, purity, the pursuit of light and a better world. This great flower bloomed, rising from the depths of the primordial waters, and bore on its petals the being incarnated in the image of the solar deity, the infant of gold: from the lotus, the solar god Ra was born . The rising sun has also often been described as a Horus coming out of the lotus representing the universe.

The lotus symbolized the renewal of vitality and the return of youth, otherwise, according to the beliefs of the Egyptians, the old god was dying to be reborn young. The representation of a dead person, holding the color of the lotus, speaks of a resurrection from the dead, of a spiritual awakening. As a symbol of prosperity and fertility, the lotus was an attribute of the vegetation god of Memphis, Nefertum, who presented himself as a young man with a lotus-colored head decoration. In the texts of the pyramid, it is referred to as the "lotus of Ra's nose". Every morning, the god Nefertum rises from the lotus and goes down each night into the sacred lake.

Enjoy the beauty and the very strong symbolism of the beautiful lotus flower

The Buddhist lotus represents:

  • Patience
  • Purity
  • Mysticism
  • Direct spiritual contact
  • Victory over the land pieces
  • Lights and Bodhi State
  • Love and compassion
  • Self-awareness
  • Fidelity during spiritual development
  • To get out of suffering

These deep spiritual meanings gave rise to a way of sitting called the Lotus position. The legs are crossed and folded so that the bent knees resemble the petals of a lotus. It is an important posture in Buddhist meditation and Hindu yoga practices. The soles of the feet are hidden, making it a respectful position to sit down when visiting a temple where exposing the bottom of your feet is considered rude. Another example is the use of the lotus in mandalas, which are spiritual and artistic representations of divine energies and meditation aids in Buddhist traditions.

Colorful realistic drawing on skin – pink lotus flower tattoo with geometric patterns

The meaning of your lotus flower tattoo may also differ in the color you choose.

  • A pink lotus flower is the supreme lotus. It is usually reserved for the highest deities, sometimes confused with the white, which is the lotus of the historical Buddha.
  • The white lotus symbolizes mental purity, spiritual perfection and the pacification of our nature;
  • Red is the flower of love, compassion, passion, vigor and all the qualities of the heart;
  • Blue symbolizes the triumph of the mind over the senses, intelligence, wisdom and knowledge;
  • The purple lotus, also called mystic, is represented only in images belonging to several esoteric sects

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Transform the black pencil drawing on white paper into art on the skin

Drawing examples for tattoo with lotus flower

Curly pattern lines and flower tattoo original, image inspiration tattoos lotus flower

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Idée tatouage éphémère fleur de lotus

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