98 Very small or tiny tattoos for women

Small designs are a type of tattoos that have gained a lot of strength and especially those worn by women. This is because they are a type of tattoo that is represented by way of detail, fits very well even in shallow areas of the body and can have great significance even with the small dimensions of which we speak. The results can be very simple, but it is precisely the attractive element of this type of design and it is that with few paths and most times in black tones, very beautiful results are created.

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The most common designs we will focus on below are: symbol of infinity, birds, crown, heart, star, diamond, tree, loop, cross, musical notes, treble clef and fa, feathers … It is also common to see a word How can it be love or friendship.

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Symbol of infinity; It has been valued by different cultures for the meaning of non final and all that that means. For some communities it is related to reincarnation and the process by which someone is reincarnated without end (or until he achieves perfection). Another element that is represented by the infinity symbol it is the universe and the infinite possibilities that exist.

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In a way, it reminds us of the infinite variety of things that can happen in our lives, the decisions made and their repercussions that can interact with other elements and give rise to new combinations, all of them infinitely. In addition, the infinity symbol admits that we can introduce a small phrase or word in the layout of the figure, such as the importance of family, friends, a specific person, etc.

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Birds, which are usually represented in two different ways, either a single bird or several of them in line or scattered. The point is that it is a very aesthetic type of design that has a very attractive result and this happens even if it is tattooed in black tones.

tattoo woman 2075

tattoo woman 320

The crown is closely linked with the values ​​of power and authority. In ancient times as is well known and more if history has been studied, power over the rest was something considered granted by God, that is, it was considered a legitimate right that was granted in a divine way. It also symbolizes the leadership and ability of those people to organize groups of people. It can be seen that the people who carry this type of design are people with strong personalities and are sure of themselves. They will be leaders by nature and that people follow, people with overwhelming personalities in many cases.

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As soon as hearts, stars and diamonds are elements that do not have a meaning as marked as those mentioned above, reference is made rather to a result that visually fits rather than a meaning. Sometimes we can see that these elements are combined with other designs, but my advice is that if it is a small design it is better not to combine many designs, since then it will not be a small tattoo.

tattoo woman 1880

tattoo woman 2127

Trees represent life and the course of it. It is a good design and even in small dimensions it can have a good result. It is very important to pay attention to a fine and accurate path, since for example the layout of the branches needs a clean and purified technique to achieve a good result. As we said before, even if they are small designs, they can have a powerful meaning that conveys a meaning, so that the meaning of the tree in relation to the course of life and the options that it shows (the different branches), can Be a good design.

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The ties are another very common design that although it has a very attractive result It does not have a very powerful meaning and the reason for tattooing is predominantly aesthetic. In addition, femininity and simplicity are emphasized, so some good areas for tattooing are the ankles, neck or shoulder.

tattoo woman 1854

tattoo woman 1867

The crosses are another of the designs that we can find in small dimensions, although unlike other designs in small dimensions this one has a religious meaning. No doubt reference will be made to religious values, but that does not mean that the end result is simple and attractive. The biggest advantage of this design is that it fits almost any area of ​​the body.

tattoo woman 1789

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The musical notes and treble clef and fa are very beautiful elements visually and that also give a meaning and a meaning and that is given the information that is desired, that of a music lover, that is, those who love music and Many of these people think that a day without listening to music is a lost day.

tattoo woman 1724

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Finally, although in this list we have highlighted the most common, it would be ridiculous to think about describing each of the small designs that people get tattooed, we will talk about the design of the feathers. They are a recent tattoo, but that does not mean that you have tattooed little, but that it has gained great strength in a very short time.

tattoo woman 1672

To conclude, the small designs have a very beautiful effect visually on the skin and give a touch of elegance and good taste in most cases. In addition, as we have seen so far, meaning can be combined so that information is not lost because the dimensions are smaller. As a last rabbit to say, that in the majority of occasions (not in all, for example with ties), the designs in small dimensions have a better result in black tone because it reinforces simplicity which contributes to a more attractive result.

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If you like discreet and minimalist tattoos, take note of this photo gallery of small tattoos made in 2018 for both women and men. It is the best way to wear a tattoo without attracting excessive attention. Come in and see.

semicolon tattoo 12

semicolon tattoo 194

23 small tattoos

Small initial tattoos, something very commonly used by people around the world when choosing their tattoo. This type of tattoo can have many meanings.

08 small tattoos

Ampersand symbol tattoo behind this girl's ear in white ink. An ink that is not often used in the world of tattoos, perhaps because the skin stands out little. But I think this girl's idea of ​​choosing her for this place is very good, so she doesn't stand out too much. I also think that depending on the place and the design chosen, white ink can give a much more elegant touch to the drawing.

41 small tattoo

Any drawing is suitable for this type of tattoos. Personally I love this type of tattoos because they are valid for any part of the body, because they go unnoticed easily and because anyone, more or less likes tattoos can opt for them. In this case, this girl has tattooed a small crescent on the inside of the elbow.

This moon symbolizes love affinities so you will attract luck in love.

78 small tattoo

We have said it, you are going to see images of these tattoos in any part of the body, perhaps it is the hands and arms where those who want a tattoo on these parts are most tattooed but who fear that they attract a lot of attention.

Arrows, like weapons, suggest power, energy and dexterity. They can also symbolize the love for the word against violence.

15 small tattoos

In the following image we find a beautiful tattoo with a beautiful symbol on the wrist. So simple and so elegant, sometimes a great and elaborate design is not necessary to create an attractive tattoo.

34 small tattoos

We continue with a funny photo of this girl who has tattooed Saturn in the palm of her hand. This area is not very commonly chosen for tattoos, due to the great sensitivity of the skin.

The planet of Saturn is a good symbol to symbolize that you are a foresight woman.

42 small tattoo

Discreet tattoos in black ink. This very original. The girl has a small tattooed key on the inside of the index finger and also has a small tattooed lock on the neck. Very very original.

The key symbolizes authority, order and power.

40 small tattoo

Tattoos of triangles in women. In recent years, triangle tattoos and geometric patterns in general have become very popular. It's a great thing that the world of tattoos is constantly renewed.

The triangle symbolizes the ability of matter to manifest within the physical and it helps us make our dreams come true.

45 small tattoo

Small symbols made in black ink for women. The design seems to be a network of interlocking circles and ties, all made with simple strokes.

13 small tattoos

Below we can see a beautiful tattoo of a crescent moon for women on the ring finger of the hand. It is a very simple and elegant design, for which only black ink has been used.

10 small tattoos

For the next image we have a beautiful design of an arrow tattooed on the very small left wrist. The moons and arrows have been repeated several times in this gallery and you will continue seeing them.

75 small tattoo

Carry a special word for you tattooed on your chest. In this case the word is "home", which means "home" in English. The word is made with a very elegant calligraphy and tinted only in black.

67 small tattoo

A small tattooed drawing on the back of the ear, a pen is what this girl has chosen. Discreet, very feminine and simple. And in many cases, simplicity and simplicity is the key to show off a captivating design.

They tattoo to attract prosperity in future business.

50 small tattoo

Little cat that you hardly see behind the ear, near the neck. A small silhouette that takes little time to complete and is perfect. In addition, being so small will take less time to do it and will be less time of pain during tattooing.

In the dream world it symbolizes singleness and that nobody is going to change you, so if you are one of those who are free and want to be single, life can be great.

25 small tattoos

And now a tiny treble clef on the arm, near the wrist. Just a small detail to show his great love for music, and with this little nod to his passion he manages to transmit it to everyone who sees this design.

11 small tattoos

It seems that this girl likes small tattoos. It has a small tattooed phrase in the center of the back and on one side, a small heart. Many people prefer to wear several of these small designs instead of a large tattoo.

The heart, which is the center of the self, represents sentimental wisdom, rather than intellectual wisdom.

01 small tattoos

Very original this. Although the possibilities are immense, the same drawings are often repeated in this gallery. Stars, moons, treble clef or letters. This girl has been original and has chosen to resort to something more exclusive. Without being the best drawing in the world or the most original, we will surely not see a drawing like this in what remains of the gallery.

In ancient times clouds were the vehicle of divine power.

29 small tattoos

Small initials A perfect way to make a declaration of love. She has chosen the doll, he a finger, but in both cases the one is in the mind and the heart of the other. Long live love!

64 small tattoo

Triangle in the neck, specifically in the neck area. It is a simple triangle design, something that has become very popular today, either among lovers of geometric shapes, or among those who find in the triangle more meaning.

76 small tattoo

The word "free" in English, "free"; with beautiful tattooed letters on the side of the palm. Personally, I really like this area of ​​the body for these types of tattoos, since their shapes perfectly follow the natural curves of the human body.

If what you want to symbolize is that you are free, that is to say that you like freedom you can also tattoo a ship or sailor, the number 3 or any type of bird, even a grasshopper.

39 small tattoo

Tiny red hearts adorn this girl's wrist. The hearts are red and have no black border as we have seen in other articles above. They resemble the icons that point to the remaining lives in a multitude of arcade games.

65 small tattoo

Discreet black heart on the arm, specifically in the triceps area. Now, only a black heart and in a magnificent area because it conveys a lot of sensuality.

47 small tattoo

The ankles and feet are perfect for wearing small and discreet tattoos. This girl is wearing a small skull in the inner ankle area. The mixture of terrifying elements with feminine motifs is fantastic.

A skull is an unequivocal sign of danger. You can tattoo a skull to make others see that they have to be careful with you if they ever want to hurt you.

05 small tattoos

Half moon above the outside area of ​​the right ankle. Quite discreet since the lines used are very thin, thus creating a flirtatious and minimalist tattoo. A success!

53 small tattoo

Arrow on the inside of the feet. I would like to know the symbolism you have for this woman. You might want to convey with the direction of this arrow that you always have to walk forward.

70 small tattoo

Small phrase full of feeling in English tattooed on the chest. A "I love you" tattooed forever on your skin. This area also seems very sexy to get tattooed, although it may be more visible than others.

If you want to symbolize love you can also use: the Acacia flower to symbolize the platonic love, the Linden for the love for your mother and the Moss for the love for your partner.

09 small tattoos

Decorate your wrists and arms with small symbols or tattooed animals and choose these designs to share them with your best friend or with your partner, so that you both carry the same tattoo forever.

The anchor among many other meanings is used to symbolize that you are a stable person that nobody and nothing can get you out of that stability.

58 small tattoo

Another very original design, a little elephant tattooed on the wrist of this girl's right arm. It has hardly any color and only the silhouette has been tattooed, thus creating a simple and unimpressive design, which is what is usually pursued with this type of tattoos.

An elephant gathers the qualities of patience, memory, strength and fidelity. Tamibén symbolizes wisdom.

57 small tattoo

Discreet rabbit design on arm. In recent years, places of the body that a few years ago were unthinkable were chosen to get tattoos. This area that we see is one of them, also the girls are choosing a lot lately for small designs the lower and upper parts of the elbow.

The hare or the rabbit symbolize the resurrection although others also tattoo them to attract success and happiness.

33 small tattoos

The number eight or infinity symbol on the finger.

06 small tattoos

Small and simple tattoo of a musical note, a bold one. Surely this person must be a music lover and so he wants to show the world with this small, discreet and beautiful tattoo located on the inside of the wrist of his right arm.

21 small tattoos

If you can't have a diamond, tattoo a small one, which is much cheaper and you won't be afraid of having it stolen. There is a famous phrase from a popular actress who says that diamonds are the best friends of girls. Whether or not it is true, what is true is that they look great.

26 small tattoos

Photos with a design of a Roman numeral. She has preferred Roman numerals, and in this case specifically, the number four. A number that undoubtedly for her must have an extremely special meaning to have her tattooed on the neck, a very sensual area.

The number four in the dream world means money, possessions and that you have ambitions in your life.

59 small tattoo

In number seven. You must have a tremendously special symbology for this girl, and you have decided to tattoo it with a simplistic and discreet design, using only black ink.

If you are a man, it symbolizes that you are a person who cares about his future and attains stability. If you are a woman, it refers to your relationship with femininity and maturity.

74 small tattoo

A small phrase tattooed on your leg is always original. I like this one, besides this area just above the knee of the left leg is very little used. It gives off originality and style. No doubt a more than right choice.

62 small tattoo

Decorate your neck or wrist with a small and original tattoo. Another girl who has chosen the white ink for his. Perhaps this is a little more striking than what we saw in the first image, it seems more fluorescent.

The swan is the symbol of flexibility, perfect to symbolize that you are a woman who adapts to all or almost everything without problems. You are not complicated.

61 small tattoo

A hanger hanging clothes. An original design It looks pretty good. If you are a daring person and do not want to have the same tattoos that everyone has, an option similar to this may be your best option.

51 small tattoo

In the following image we find a set of photos of fingers with small tattoos. It has a crown and a thin cross on each middle finger and the year 1993 tattooed on the side of the little finger.

The cross can represent a power that encompasses everything, in addition to protection for work and everyday life. A crown is an attribute of achievement and success.

12 small tattoos

Never so pretty with small tattoos. The neck is also a very chosen place for these small designs. It is a very sexy and sensual place, as well as very feminine, since when picking up the hair in a tail or bun, the girls show that little secret design that was previously hidden.

48 small tattoo

Another in the neck but in this case is a seahorse. This girl has been tattooed almost in the place where the hair begins to grow and is an area where it can go unnoticed at any time. The nape for women is usually very chosen because if they wear long hair, they choose when they want to teach it or when they don't.

72 small tattoo

Phrase again in the neck or neck: I only know my mind. I am mine. "When translating it from English, the translation is:" Only I know my mind. I am mine. "A tremendously personal and meaningful phrase for this girl.

20 small tattoos

Discreet in the arm with the Egyptian cross, cross of life or symbol of "Anj". This symbol is very commonly used for small designs, and especially for women, as it is a shape that adapts in a great way to the shapes of our body.

24 small tattoos

Dolls and forearms are the preferred places for these types of designs. The treble clef is repeated, a tremendously used element in a very common way among those who love music.

22 small tattoos

Again a phrase or word tattooed in English. Here means here. I like tattoos of loose words that seem to make no sense, but surely this person would know how to explain the meaning of it and the reason for tattooing this word.

44 small tattoo

Carry a small tattoo on your hands like these made in 2018! In the case of this image that we have here, we find a tiny musical note, specifically a bold one, which is located on the side of one of the fingers.

56 small tattoo

Again another small heart and we can already say that it is the most popular among women who choose a small one and that, in addition, they intend to show their deep respect for this feeling that is said to move the world.

60 small tattoo

In the following image of this gallery we can see a beautiful design in which there is an English word that says "alive", which means "alive" in Spanish. This design is located in the inner ankle area of ​​this girl's right leg.

18 small tattoos

On the left wrist he has a heart that is fantastic. On the other wrist some simple arrows, simple, simple and beautiful. We are not sure if they both form the same design that combines two elements or if each is a tattoo independent of each other.

16 small tattoos

Discreet triangle in man. Although this gallery is especially dedicated to the women of the world, a tattoo as beautiful and result as this one cannot remain in the inkwell. A simple and discreet design. If you do not see it well, do not worry because a little below you have a tattooed woman with several triangles quite similar to these.

46 small tattoo

Forearms and wrists in men and women look like never before. In this case it is a simple lamppost. Very simple and tremendously original this design, whose sombology may want to transmit or make reference to the light that illuminates it in your life.

49 small tattoo

Another symbol on a man's wrist. We are not sure of the meaning of this design, because the form is quite difficult for us to recognize or identify, but it is certain that for this girl it has a very special meaning.

19 small tattoos

Small ship in the arm. This girl added a little color and the result is perfect, because a small and discreet design adds a little touch of joy and makes it even more flirtatious and feminine than it already is.

A boat usually symbolizes that you give importance to friends and friendship.

14 small tattoos

Very geek design on the forearm of a mouse pointer of a common computer, which is accompanied by an hourglass on the other forearm, which is what normally appears when the computer is performing a task that requires a wait.

68 small tattoo

A lemon on the wrist of this girl's left arm. They are not always in black ink the ones chosen by the girls for a small design, for example this girl has opted for a small touch of color on her body without losing discretion and femininity.

It is used to symbolize that you have had problems of love and all kinds of bitterness because of your ex-boyfriends or ex-partners.

52 small tattoo

We have seen another arrow before but this is otherwise. As I understand it, it is very important the direction to which the arrows point, because they can mean where you want to look in life and its meaning.

69 small tattoo

A small phrase on the tattooed neck is very attractive. This phrase is the title of the Beatles song, although perhaps the girl has not chosen it because of the relationship of the phrase with the famous British group, but because of the meaning of the phrase itself. "Let it be".

38 small tattoo

Small circle on one wrist and one cross on the other. They are tremendously simple design, whose power lies in the meaning they contain without needing to show large images.

02 small tattoos

Letters or words tattooed on both hands, one puts "past" and the other "future." Nice symbolism, where the flow of time meets an image. Surely this person is someone who cares and takes into account the passage of time and the decisions that are made.

66 small tattoo

Symbol of an X to the cube at the foot of man. The possible meanings for this design are countless, this person may simply be a lover of mathematics and algebra or because there are three important people in his life who have an x ​​in their names. My cousin has a tattoo with the R cubed because her father's name, her mother and her brother start with R.

73 small tattoo

Very sexy the place that this girl has chosen. The thigh tattooed with a small phrase with a nice, simple and elegant typeface. In addition, this design gives off sensuality and femininity, mainly favored by the area of ​​the body in which it is located.

71 small tattoo

A circle on the forearm or wrist of this beautiful girl. The circle contains a multitude of possible meanings, or maybe this girl chose it for a purely aesthetic reason, since it is still a simple and very successful way.

A circle is a symbol to be protected against great risks and threats. The person who is tattooed is the self that is within the circle with which nothing bad can enter it.

43 small tattoo

Symbols as simple as a circle or several points. So simple but that they are perfect, as in the case of this girl who shows us this beautiful, delicate, simple and minimalist design on the back of the wrist.

07 small tattoos

Minimalist and small tattoos for hands and wrists made in 2018. In the case of the image that concerns us here, it is a tiny loop formed by a succession of points, and which is located at the end of this girl's palm, just Where it meets the doll.

A tie can symbolize that there is an impediment to express ourselves freely within us.

36 small tattoos

A piece of food on the back of a man's hand. We cannot say exactly what kind of food it is but we believe it is a Kebap or a hamburger because we can see the meat and the salad although the cheese is missing so I would lean more for the kebap or for a simple sandwich.

Bread is a symbol used to attract health and safety in business. If the plan is white, it is used to attract personal success.

04 small tattoos

Stripes on the thumb. We can say that they are stripes but they can also be two horizontal lines since the distance between them in the same at all points. It is not the most popular finger when it comes to having a tattoo. Without a doubt, the index finger is much more popular but each person is free to choose the finger they prefer.

32 small tattoos

A bird that is hardly appreciated and with food or crush right next to it. It is one of our favorite designs, because it is small, simple, feminine and extremely beautiful, and for which only black ink has been used in its realization.

In ancient times it was a symbol of the soul. The bird is always symbolizes the air, freedom and speed.

35 small tattoos

The area of ​​the ribs in women is very sensual. Rihanna also has a design on this part of the body but I think they are guns and not the infinity symbol like here.

63 small tattoo

Diamond on the ring finger printed very accurately, despite the small dimensions it is represented with great detail. Very simple and very cheap because you hardly need a job and as you know, the little ones are cheaper than the big ones.

The diamond has several properties such as light, life, sun, durability and innocence so you can use it to symbolize any of them. If it is an emerald, they are usually tattooed to attract personal growth.

80 small tattoo

A small and simple word tattooed on your back will always accompany you and if we want to hide it, just wear a shirt and it will be enough. And if this word is also made using calligraphy as artistic as the one seen in the image, the result is simply wonderful.

55 small tattoo

Small symbols and drawings are preferred by women to get tattooed. Triangles in this context can symbolize harmony and creativity among others. The proportion is another of the meanings that triangles can provide.

30 small tattoos

A funny one in hand. A very original and fun idea. It is an individual who is jumping on the trampoline. When we close the hand a little we can see how this individual falls on this trampoline and when the hand is open, the individual is in the air.

31 small tattoos

Discreet and pretty in women. After having seen more than one hundred images, I am sure that you have noticed that the fingers are a perfect area to have a small design but although it is true there are other areas where it is less visible since sometimes we do not want anyone to see them . In countries like Spain, when looking for work, the culture has not evolved enough yet and you can find problems when aspiring to a certain position.

54 small tattoo

Small heart for women. Simple, small, cheap and almost invisible. If you are a person who does not like to attract attention, this size may be perfect for you.

27 small tattoos

We folder our fabulous gallery with this beautiful small but original tattoo is what you are looking for. We are not 100% sure but we believe it is a zipper that keeps the body closed. Maybe this female wants to symbolize something with this design. Hope you liked it and if so, you just have to share this article with your friends. It is the only way to continue working on the blog.

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