THAILAND tattoos and their meaning

Thai tattoos and their meaning

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Choosing a design to make us a tattoo can be complicated, since there are thousands and thousands of drawings that we can engrave on our body. However, it is also true that there are designs that have become more popular than others, such as body drawings that are made in regions like Thailand.

Thai tattoos, also known with the term Sak Yant, are a practice that has been done since ancient times and consists of tattooing different parts of the body and geometric diaphragms considered sacred. In fact, although these drawings are usually made in the West for aesthetic purposes, in Thailand there is a belief that these types of tattoos are capable of transmit magical powers its bearer as long as it bears the rules of the Sak Yant. Would you like to know more about these "magical" designs? Keep reading a HOWTO and we'll talk about the different Thai tattoos and their meaning.

Thai tattoo Hah Taew and its meaning

The Hah Taew is a Thai tattoo for women and men that consists of the epidermal recording of a series of Buddhist tantras spread over 5 vertical lines which, according to Thai beliefs, provide health and prosperity. These vertical Sak Yant tattoo lines have the following meanings:

  • First line: this Buddhist tantra protects the bearer from unjust punishments and unwanted spirits that can inhabit your home.
  • Second line: this prayer provides protection against bad fortune dictated by constellations.
  • Third line: this protects you from the black magic that a person could use to harm you.
  • Fourth line: the fourth line provides success, fortune and good luck in future projects.
  • Fifth line: this prayer offers charisma and attraction of the opposite sex.
Thai tattoos and their meaning - Thai tattoo Hah Taew and its meaning

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The Paed Tidt: meaning of this Thai tattoo

Another of the most popular Thai tattoos is the Paed Tidt, a sacred geometric drawing that is characterized by being composed of 8 directions with a mantra written in each of them and 2 concentric circles in the center of the tattoo. In addition to these forms, the Paed Tidt is also composed of 8 representations of the Buddha, which are divided into groups of 3 ovals. Each Buddha that composes this design is placed in a different position, since each of them represents a day of the week.

Although the general meaning of this tattoo is the protection against dangers and people with bad intentions, the Paed Tidt is a tattoo very demanded by travelers and nomads, since its composition in 8 directions means that the drawing will provide protection whatever Be the address chosen to travel.

Thai tattoos and their meaning - The Paed Tidt: meaning of this Thai tattoo

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Thai tattoo Gao Yord and its meanings

Another of the tattoos that are used in Thai culture is Gao Yord. In fact, this Buddhist design is usually the Sak Yant most chosen by tattoo lovers, since it has universal powers of protection. The basic Gao Yord is usually composed of the 9 peaks of Mount Meru, also known as Sumeru in Buddhist mythology. This mountain is very important for certain cultures since, according to Hinduism, it represents the abode of Lord Brahma and other gods that make up this mythology. In addition to the peaks of Mount Meru, Gao Yord also has the representation of 9 buddhas in its outermost zone, who grant certain magical powers to its bearer.

Finally, in the center of this design we find the magic box of Gao Yord, which is composed of a mosaic of squares that contain the names of the mantras that this tattoo provides. Between the mantras that are usually included In Gao Yord's magic box we find:

  • Chana Satru: means the ability to win enemies.
  • Maeta Ma Hah Niyom: thanks to this blessing, others will treat you with compassion and kindness.
  • Ma Hah Lap: symbolizes luck and fortune.
  • Mae Hia Chata: it will help you better your destiny.
  • Nan Tee Gan Ngan Dee: improve your work circumstances.
  • Ma Hah Saneh: gives you more charm and appeal.
Thai tattoos and their meaning - Thai tattoo Gao Yord and its meanings

The Suea: meaning of this Thai tattoo

The Suea is another well-known Thai tattoo that is composed of two facing tigers. Right in the middle of the two animals, is the so-called "Yant Putsoorn", a mantra that means "one inside the other"or" side by side "

This Thai tattoo is very popular among fighters who practice Muay Thai discipline, soldiers and police officers who are in command positions, since it is a design that symbolizes power and leadership. In addition, in Thai culture there is a belief that the bearer of this tattoo will get charisma and courage to lead to his subordinates.

Thai tattoos and their meaning - El Suea: meaning of this Thai tattoo

Other Thai tattoos and their meaning

In addition to the previous drawings, you can also choose to engrave on the skin some of the following Thai tattoos:

  • Hanuman: represents the mythical god in the form of a monkey that according to Thai legends had magical powers and the ability to fly. This tattoo symbolizes the bravery and success.
  • Yot Mongkut: it is a Thai tattoo that is engraved on the head, since according to this culture, it is the most sacred part of the body.
  • SueaHuaKhad: It is a headless tiger that is used as a symbol of protection and that absorbs all the bad serte of who wears it.
  • OhngPhra: it is the body of Buddha that is recorded on the skin to improve perception and meditation.

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