Tattoos to cover scars

There are many people who decide cover your scars, whether from operations, accidents or due to self-harm, with a beautiful tattoo that helps them forget all the suffering and returns the smile. If you also have a scar that reminds you of a very hard moment, then you should take a look at our proposals for tattoos to cover scars because they are original and very beautiful.

+ Tattoo of átree of life

In this case, the tree trunk has been replaced by a DNA chain that helps cover a dozen scars, probably caused by self-injury. In addition to cover the marks, This tattoo reminds its owner that it is better to choose life, to choose yourself.

+ Fish tattoo

Due to the shape of their spines, fish are perfect for transform an ugly scar into a tattoo very cool. This woman chose to do it in old-school style and the result could not have been better. Would you get a tattoo like that?

+ Jewel tattoo

Jewel tattoos are becoming more and more fashionable and this is one of the most popular. The strategic placement of the chains hanging from the center piece, helps hide various scars. It is a very elegant tattoo that will give you a very special touch and will help you cover your scar.

+ Tattoo of flords

The tattoos that cover the marks of mastectomies some women with breast cancer have to go through are a great way to transform the chest into something full of beauty. Flowers are very suitable for this part of the anatomy and there are hundreds of possibilities to choose from.

+ Alice in Wonderland Tattoo

The mythical characters from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ serve as inspiration for turn a scar into his malicious smile. You can get inspiration from other characters to ‘take advantage’ of the shape of your scar and make it part of your tattoo.

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