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Tattoo is an art that has become very popular today, but has been practiced for many centuries. Especially tattoos for men date from life in caverns or warrior traditions.

Especially for warriors it was a representation of their strength and the value shown on the battlefield.

Tattoos for men traditional solutions.

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With the changes in the strokes, the use of the colors and the meaning of today's tattoo has its followers and detractors. The options we show today are tattoos for men. Therefore, if you want to tattoo and have not decided the place, style and shapes of your tattoo, we suggest you give some ideas.

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It is something that will accompany you for life, so it is better to take some time and analyze everything calmly. It is best to study several designs until you have a clear idea of ​​what best suits our personality. In both tattoos for men and designs for women, we always think long term.

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The right size is one of the success points for any tattoo. Always try to design your taste on a sheet to better study its dimensions and see how it looks. The dimensions in tattoos for men have a direct relationship with the selected body area.

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Many times we will need several sessions to complete a tattoo that is too large and complex. The place for tattoo selection has to do with pain sensitivity. There are more sensitive and painful areas than others, on the other hand, visibility is important.

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It is not always well seen by many employers. In practice there is no area that cannot be tattooed. For men, some are obviously more recommended than others. We have to necessarily start with the arms when we talk about tattoos for men.


It is not an area that creates a lot of pain when it comes to tattooing. On the other hand there is a large space for different creations. It is a flexible area because you can hide it or show it whenever you want. For the arm we have the possibility to select a single motif or a set related to each other.

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Think of something that has to do with your personality and style. The family is very popular and is inspired by nature. Animals are a great example full of great meanings. A modern trend is tattoos with realistic 3D effects. Here the use of colors always allows designs with artistic finishes. The options are many, starting with lines of different thicknesses to animals or landscapes. The chest is another important area in tattoos for men.


It is popular first because of the possibilities of creating a great design. In the same way, it can be easily visualized or covered if necessary according to the requirements of the job. When it comes to extension, the back is another great opportunity to make a majestic tattoo.


As we see in the images there are designs that can cover the back completely. Otherwise it is possible to have several tattoos with a special meaning for us. Other popular areas for men and women are the neck or neck area.


It allows medium or very small designs according to our taste. We just have to be clear about what we are looking for and if we want it to be very visible or not. The legs, on the other hand, give the possibility to play with the size of the designs with great ease.


Everything will really depend on our personal taste. Once the area of ​​tattoos for men is defined, it is time to think about the type of tattoo. In the same way there is enough to select. From realistic tattoos, which, as the name implies, are a reflection of reality.


Its characteristics are similar to everyday images. Normally many people's faces are used. From a photograph the artist can capture it in our skin with absolute realism. When it comes to realistic tattoos, works worthy of being framed certainly abound.


Watercolors have become popular and experimenting with colors has changed the image. It is an artistic process in which stripes and splashes of color make them great. They have nothing to envy to the drawings made on the canvas. In tattoos for men, nature is one of the greatest inspirations. The traditional type also known as Old School is well known.


The use of classic figures such as anchors, letters or hearts are some of the ones that are always retaken. We cannot mention the traditional ones without mentioning the traditional neo. It is a very detailed trend that makes tattoos something experimental. The mix of colors is very bright and differ from other styles. Geometric solutions have become very fashionable.


These represent another style for both men and women. All the figures or the group of them create an asymmetric group with meaning. Most geometric shapes are worked in black. If you want to make the color more striking it is the indicated option. In the case of geometric shapes with 3D shapes, the color helps a lot to improve the effect.


It should be clear that the result of our tattoo does not depend only on the artist. Then, at home, you must apply the necessary care to avoid losing quality. There are basic cares such as protection of the tattoo against air or friction with clothing.


This is the responsibility of the tattoo artist, covering it immediately once the work is finished. It is necessary to maintain this protection for at least the next two hours. Remember to wash the area with warm water and preferably neutral soap three times a day. The options of scented soaps can be irritating to the skin in these conditions.



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