Meaning of the Eye of Horus Tattoo

As we have already advanced, the designs of this tattoo are among the most popular of Egyptian mythology. However, what kind of meaning do these drawings have? which is the tattoo symbolism eye of horus? To understand the meaning of this tattoo, it is first important that we know what legend comes from the symbolism that Udyat has.

According to the mythology of Ancient Egypt, the falcon god Horus lost one of his eyes in a battle with the god Seth, who had killed his father, the god Osiris. After the battle, the god Toth recovered the pieces of the eye of Horus and thus created the name Udyat. The god Falcon, covered the wound with a snake and fed his right eye to his father Osiris so that he can return to life.

Because of this legend, the eye of Horus is considered a protection symbol, which is why it is also used as a lucky charm. The union of all fractional parts of the eye of Horus, represents our senses, resulting in a talisman against bad energies and the evil eye. In addition, over the years the eye of Horus has acquired many other attributes. There are many people who tattoo it as a symbol of:

  • Wisdom
  • Knowledge
  • Health
  • Prosperity
  • Perseverance

If you like Egyptian mythology and want to know more about their deities, do not miss this article on What are the main Egyptian gods.

In addition to being a drawing full of meaning, the eye of Horus is a very recurring tattoo in both men and women because it is an Egyptian design that looks great in both genders. Although this tattoo can be drawn on any part of the body, the amulet of the eye of Horus is usually a design that is usually tattooed in areas such as the neck, back or neck, since they are the areas where the most denoted protection you exercise about the person who carries it marked.

The eye drawn on the back of the neck or on the back, symbolizes that the eye of Horus sees even what the person fails to observe with his own eyes. This article on Where tattoos hurt the most can help you decide the ideal area for you to capture your eye of Horus.

Meaning of the Eye of Horus Tattoo - Photos of Eye of Horus Tattoo Designs

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Although Horus eye tattoos are very popular these days, if you are thinking of getting a tattoo and you like Egyptian mythology you can also opt for some of the following designs:

  • Egyptian cross: This cross refers to the Anj symbol, which means life. In addition, because the shape of this cross is similar to that of a key, it is often also identified as the key to life.
  • Egyptian beetle: They are the most common drawings in Egyptian tattoos and represent both life and power. In addition, this insect is also usually associated with the resurrection.
  • Egyptian sun: Within this Egyptian mythology, the great star was related to the most powerful magic and deities.
  • Anubis: He is the god of the dead and its meaning, of course, is closely related to the end of life. However, a tattoo of this deity can also mean a taste for the unknown and the representation of the end of one stage to begin another.
  • Osiris: Although this god is related to justice, it can also symbolize fertility and resurrection.
  • Isis: one of the most recognized goddesses of Egyptian mythology; Goddess Isis symbolizes motherhood and fertility. In fact, many drawings represent this goddess with a throne on her head, dove wings and open arms as if she were blessing her children.
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