Sunflower is a plant that has been and continues to be very important for humanity because it has served as food to many populations throughout the centuries. In fact, today, his pipes they are still eating, although now their uses are many more, even being used for the production of fuels, among other jobs.

These key uses for humanity have made sunflower have a special meaning. But it has not been the only factor. And is that sunflower beauty, as well as the particular and characteristic flower shape and the distribution of the seeds – known as Vogel's model – has given it a certain halo of mystery and magic. Another very important aspect of this flower is that it moves following the sunlight in a very remarkable way, something that for many is equivalent to positivism in life.

Meaning of sunflower tattoo - Meaning of sunflower flower


The use of sunflower over the centuries, as well as its beauty, have been the key factors that have endowed this plant and its flower different meanings as we have commented in the previous section.

And the truth is that they are quite the meanings of sunflower tattoo as well as the flower itself, although in general the sunflower is usually associated mainly with five concepts, which are also the most common and widespread in the world and are still used in the case of tattoos:

  • Faith and love: Sunflower is considered in many cultures as a symbol of faith. The reason is not another that is rotating throughout the day to receive sunlight and harness the energy from the Sun. This has led to its connection and consideration as a spiritual and faith symbol that, in addition, is linked to worship , unconditional love and good energy. A meaning with which it was already linked in ancient civilizations such as the Greek. In this ancient culture we find the love story of Clizia, a nymph who lost her love, Apollo, and due to pain she became a sunflower forever and, since then, always follows the Sun (Apollo) during the day.
  • Good luck: Another meaning of sunflower tattoo, especially in Asian cultures such as China, is the attraction of good luck because for them the yellow color is very positive.
  • Lifetime: Sunflowers are also associated with life and longevity. It is a symbolism that, although it comes mainly from China, has spread throughout the world. Again, the yellow color is behind this link because this tone in the Chinese country is associated with life, intelligence and happiness, as well as with the Sun itself.
  • Healing: Healing is another meaning of sunflower tattoo because for many centuries oils were made with its seeds, which had very beneficial properties for the body. In this way, meanings related to the healing capacity are attributed.
  • Provision: the sunflower tattoo is also associated with the provision. This meaning of sunflower tattoo is related to its use in food in different populations because it was considered to be a rich food and that all people could eat, as well as being easy to store so that they could eat when needed.

Knowing better sunflower tattoo meaning, different designs can be made to look on the different parts of the body. However, the tone chosen to do so must be taken into account. And it is not the same result if the sunflower is made with black ink than if it is made in color, with yellow ink, to maintain its typical color.

A decision that is especially important because yellow inks are one of the most difficult to remove, so it is convenient to weigh well if sunflower is really important for oneself in case you want to erase the tattoo. Anyway, the types of inks and the techniques of elimination advance fast, reason why this is an aspect that every time worries less. In addition, another option would be to become a cover, another tattoo on top to cover the one we no longer want Mentioning now the covers, It should be mentioned that precisely flowers like sunflower are some of the most used designs to cover others tattoos, for being large, rounded and in which much detail can be made.

Once it is clear, the possibilities to do the tattoo they are multiple, as you can see in the images of sunflower tattoo designs that we leave next.

Anyway, if what you want is to tattoo a flower and the sunflower does not finish convincing you, in a HOW we offer you more flower tattoo ideas:

With this information about the meaning of sunflower tattoo, we hope we have helped you to know more about this flower and its different symbolisms. If you want to get a tattoo, we recommend that you always go to specialized centers and put yourself in the hands of professionals.

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Meaning of sunflower tattoo - sunflower tattoo designs

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