Letters for tattoos: everything you need to know before getting a tattoo

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If you do a quick search on the Internet, you will see that there are thousands of types of tattoos available on the web, but a quick look reveals that many of these are so badly designed that one gets discouraged.

In our tattoo section we collect the best designs for you. In our article we show you ideas of tattoo cards.

Tattoo lettering ideas

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First a note of a warning. As with writing fonts or typography, it is not a typographic tattoo. It will be as realistic as handwritten letters, so to speak. It does not matter if it is a short phrase or if you are thinking of a font with many alternatives for each letter, its output will always look as if it were done digitally when you choose one of the many sources that exist.

Do not make it too small.

tattoos-chinese letters But there is another thing that is also important, for some projects, handwritten lyrics that are time consuming are simply not feasible and the digital type is more than enough. Just remember to set your expectations correctly so you don't have problems and don't like it later.

Don't underestimate readability


Tattoo letters are often essential as part of a body art work. Sometimes, the letters of the tattoo itself are the tattoo. Choosing the font you will use or the type of language you add will make or ruin the tattoo.

Think about the outline

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As we all know for a long time, it is a very popular option to use a motivating word that is meaningful to you, for example, and translate it into another language, such as Chinese.

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Although many of us do not recognize it, for some people the world of body art is globalizing as much as any other part of our lives. Artistic styles from all over the world are mixed in many art forms and body art is no exception nor the letters and typographies of the tattoo. Next, we will analyze some of the most popular requests and ideas for tattoo letters.


Tribal tattoo letters: tribal tattoo letters are generally bold letters. But the true tribal tattoo is impressive as you can see in our articles on the subject. It is usually seen in the curved Maori style of tribal art. The use of large curved shapes on the shoulder to spell a word is a piece of fabulous body art.

tattoo-design-curved letters

Very original tribal tattoo letters.


Japanese lettering tattoos. Japanese letters for the tattoo could really mean two different things. Or you are requesting to use Japanese characters or an Asian font style. To translate your language into Japanese characters, simply use a web application and translate the words to see how they will look. For this example, it is better to speak with a native and not translate the words with the Google word translator because it is very possible that the result is not correct.


Keep in mind that these tattoos are usually tattooed in a vertical pattern, so placement can be a problem if you choose a long phrase. If you are looking for Asian typography, be very careful with the letters of the tattoos and the Asian phrases or phrases that you want to appear written on your skin. You can also choose to write in Spanish or English with an Asian feeling in the lyrics.

Tattoo Letters - Everything you need to know before getting a tattoo

Different sources for labeling tattoos: You can find different sources for labeling tattoos using your own word processing program or searching for supplements from sources over the Internet. Some of these additional applications for any word processing program you use are free and others are not.


So compare and see what's out there. Also, talk to your tattoo artist, who probably has all this at hand and will save you time and possibly money. The use of different types of letters for tattoos is increasingly popular. It is a new and excellent way to combine global art forms in words to add to your body art.


Celtic tattoo letters: Celtic tattoo letters take an open style font and insert a Celtic pattern into the letters. Designs are usually created with capital letters, so you must keep one or two words to avoid placement problems. You could use a font similar to Yold Angelican. This is simply an example of an open style font and a larger size that could be filled with Celtic lace.


But in reality this fountain would look great with tribal art in Celtic style. It has the same feeling of the same era. It is a very good example of how you can make fonts work with existing or new body art.


Arabic tattoo letters: Arabic tattoo letters would be a tattoo of letters using an Arabic script. Again, you can use an application like the Google translator mentioned above or ask your tattoo artist to translate your phrase, word or saying. But again we recommend that you speak with a native so that he translates your sentence.


Chinese tattoo letters: Chinese tattoo letters would be similar to the previous description of Japanese letters. You can use an Asian style font or real Chinese characters.


The phrases and letters of the tattoos are probably one of the most popular styles. Unfortunately, tattoos with letters are the ones that fail the most, due to a lot of possible mistakes.


Size, color, style, location, an infinite list of details that play an important role when it comes to tattoo phrases. The simple fact that a prayer is legible does not make it beautiful, so it requires special care, since it will remain on the skin forever.


There is one thing you should know and keep in mind when it comes to tattoos: no matter how good your artist is, your tattoo will end up erasing a little over time. This is absolutely normal, and is likely to be barely noticeable after many years, in addition, your skin will age and cannot wait to preserve the clear appearance of the first few days.

Tattoo Letters - Everything you need to know before getting a tattoo




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