Letters for tattoos: discover the style that fits your personality.

letters for tattoos

Choosing the right tattoo letters is as important as choosing the right design for your tattoo. Tattoo cards can help establish the theme of your tattoo and can add a lot of creativity and personality.

Do you want the right tattoo font for your design, but you don't know how to choose it? In our article we strive to show you the different options for tattoo fonts.

Letters for tattoos – what you need to know

supplies for tattoos

That is why we have created this guide on tattoo fonts and what to avoid in order to help you get the tattoo design that really suits your personality.

letter for tattoos

Letters and supplies of prefabricated tattoos.

letter for tattoo

There are several websites dedicated to tattoo fonts, most of them are free, but some charge for the license to use a specific font. The advantages of using a prefabricated tattoo font are:

Letter style for tattoo

It takes a lot less time for a tattoo artist to learn a source that already exists

font style for tattoos

The disadvantage, however, is that your tattoo may not be as exclusive as you would like. In addition, you may have to pay license fees to use a particular prefabricated tattoo font.

Custom tattoo fonts

style of letters for tattoo

Getting a custom font for your tattoo is the best way to maintain a unique design. If you have your mind on custom tattoo fonts, we usually start by showing you some examples of tattoo fonts that are widely used. Do you prefer aggressive tattoos with sharp edges or a more cursive design with many swirls? These are the questions we seek to help you answer when you are looking for an exclusive source.

fonts for tattoo

What to be careful with

It is worth repeating that you do not want to appear on one of these lists. Even a small mistake in the source can mean a disaster for your design. Be careful with these two common mistakes when choosing your tattoo sources:

fonts for a tattoo

Spacing: make sure that the tattoo font you choose leaves a space between each letter. While it may seem right right after dyeing, it is very common for the letters to be too close together to bleed each other.

types of fonts for a tattoo

Spelling: We cannot emphasize this enough, check and recheck the spelling of your tattoo writing. Even have your friends check it if you can.

types of letters for a tattoo

However, the most important thing is to make sure you take the time to review the expectations of your type of tattoo with your artist. They know a lot more about how the fountains look on the skin, so you can think about it and they can tell you if a fountain will look good on your arm or not.

font for a tattoo

Throughout the world there are several common trends, from simple letters of the alphabet, which are often used for the initials of a name, to more complex sentences full of intrinsic meaning. Very common, for example, is the ancient style of the letters or calligraphy. Both options open a wide range of customization opportunities and allow tattoo artists to be creative and make the design look unique, rich and beautiful.

fonts for a tattoo

This article is designed to help you choose between different styles of tattoo lyrics, so you have a solid understanding of what you want, before bringing your ideas to tattoo artists that can be confused with the image you are trying to convey, if It does not. You have a clear idea of ​​the type of tattoo lettering you want to use.

fonts for tattoo

This article will guide you through the different styles available to you and help you create your own letters for perfect tattoos.

supplies for tattoos

A recommendation! The tattoo is something personal. As a result, the writing style you choose for your tattoo should also be personal. The thousands of characters that we can present to you should only be your starting point. Our advice is to find the right characters, meet your tattoo artist, follow his advice and, together, customize your tattoo perfectly.

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In summary, the first step is to understand the style of the font that best suits your personality. There are many families from different sources, but one of the elements that you must identify is the degree of complexity that you want to add to your tattoo.

Calligraphy fonts of tattoos.

beautiful fonts for tattoos

One of the most used is that of calligraphic styles. There are many reasons why this style is chosen, but we believe that its success is due to the fact that with these letter tattoos you can get a highly personalized design, in the same way that each of us has a unique script. Calligraphic styles can vary from the classics, which lead us to the text styles of the past, to the modern ones, which remind us of the present.

Gothic tattoo fonts.

tattoo styles and fonts

For anyone who is a fan of the Gothic style, there is little to say about this style. This type of writing has been used as the basis for the logos of many bands, as well as the source of choice for the writing of many video games. This style can be simple or complex, a factor that can also affect ease or reading. A good starting point to choose this source is the ease with which you want it to be understandable. There are several categories, including the medieval, Celtic and elaborate initials, used precisely for individual letters.

Letters for graffiti tattoos.

different styles and fonts for tattoos

It is a style where typography and illustration are mixed. Inspiration can come directly from the street, the natural home of graffiti or photographs that are hidden in the background of small works of art. In the next part of the article, we will tell you how to start with hundreds of graffiti fonts.

Western tattoo fonts

different sources for tattoos

We have hundreds of sources that give us the flavor of the Old West. This font style is a popular option for some groups of cyclists who use them to create their letters and logos.

Asian fonts for tattoos.

different letters for tattoos

Sometimes you may want to write with a source that reminds you of a particular country or civilization. It is not necessary to use the alphabet or language of the chosen country, but only to use the flavor and with that you can create letters that closely resemble the language. This process is widely used for Asian sources, but it is also used effectively in Arab and Russian culture, among others.

Sources of tattoos by hand.

cursive letters for tattoos

An alternative would be to create a freehand tattoo. You will never know what can come out of this method if you have never tried it! There are many handwriting tattoos to inspire you, gather details and start mixing them to create a truly meaningful tattoo for you.

Tattoo typography

How to find the letters for your tattoo.

Hebrew letters for tattoos

What you need to know about letters and tattoo fonts

original letters for tattoos

Tattoo letters are essentially your own art form within an art form, since it incorporates the art of typography and calligraphy into the art of tattooing. For this reason, some tattoo artists are more skilled in one form of letters than in another, which means they will have to investigate. In general, most tattoo artists are experts in a handful of common tattoo scripts. However, some scripts, especially those that are more elaborate or elaborate, may not exist in the arsenal of each tattoo artist. As for choosing your source, if you have already chosen your artist, talk to him and discover his ability to tattoo unique or unusual fonts. A good artist will tell you what he can and cannot do. If you have not yet chosen an artist, be sure to let them know that your tattoo will include personalized lyrics for tattoos and that they know what you have in mind. This can save you many problems later.

Letters for tattoos in a foreign language.

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We've all seen (or met) someone who has some kind of foreign character tattoo. The Chinese character of love or the character of the Japanese force are good examples. Here are some pretty standard but absolutely excellent tips: don't get a tattoo in a language you don't speak. You are just asking for problems. In languages ​​like Chinese and Japanese, small details in each character change the meaning. I could end up with a completely different word about you.

Tattoo writing styles

Block letter

to block. Capital letters are very common in tattoo art because of the basics it is. Unlike other styles of tattoo scripts, the lyrics are basic and square. Many people recognize it as a collegial source, commonly used for names of colleges in garments. The key to blocking letters for the tattoo artist is straight lines. The example on the right has very thick lines that can help cover any irregularity at first, but ultimately, it has to be very straight. Mass signage is most often used to tattoo a single word, since it is not suitable for tattooing sentences or sentences.

Script font tattoo

A subset of the writing style of tattoo fonts is a style called filigree. Filigree letters have the same central design elements as basic writing letters, but they take it to a completely different level with very elaborate calligraphy. Filigree tattoo lyrics are common in the tattoo art of Southern California and have strong links to the culture of hip hop and rap, which is causing a greater interest in the style.

Letters for Celtic tattoos.

elfic letters

A little more dramatic and thoughtful of street cultures is the graffiti style of tattoo letters. The graffiti style of tattoo letters is as diverse as graffiti itself. Drawing their influence directly from street art, graffiti letters tend to be brightly colored and the letters can adopt a wide range of shapes ranging from fluid and smooth to square and angular.

Arabic letters

Letters for Maori style tattoos

maori lyrics

Letters for tattoos - discover the style that fits your personality

modern tattoo

Arabic style

Hindu alphabet

Hindu tattoo

asian letters

Buddhist symbols

letters for modern tattoo

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