51 Designs and tattoos for boys and men

It is time to dedicate one of the entries on the website to the tattoos that men carry, to say that another space is also dedicated to the designs that women usually wear.

One of the ideas that comes first when talking about the tattoos of boys and men, is the size of them. When we talk about men's tattoos, we must inevitably make reference to the type of designs that are tattooed and in many cases these are large, occupying a large part of the chest or back in most cases. This is because they are large areas of the body and somehow show strength or endurance, since to print these types of designs that occupy such dimensions, pain needs to be tolerated in an accentuated manner.

tattoo man 58

A fantastic scene tattooed on the Spanish scale where we can see a gunman with two wings, with his back and his shield but we don't know if he is fighting the warrior that is just below or is saving her. The details of the sky and the sea and even the letters at the top are great although I would like to understand the meaning of the phrase.

Another of the elements that we should refer to is color and that is that in most of the designs that men carry we find that few colors are used and when they are used they are usually not very bright or show few contrasts. Unlike the tattoos worn by women full of bright colors and contrasts, those worn by men are usually characterized by black tones or colors such as gray or brown, that is, more muted colors.

tattoo man 47

A deer with a good color saturation and details in the background that do not match the main design, since the styles are somewhat different.

We have already talked about the dimensions and colors that the tattoos that men carry, usually have, but another notable element is the areas that they usually choose to tattoo different designs. Just as women usually opt for designs that adapt well to areas such as the instep of the foot or the neck, also for their dimensions that are usually smaller, although we will talk about this type of design in the dedicated entry; Men usually opt for designs that are located on the back, the chest (in these two areas, mainly because of the large dimensions that allow large designs to be printed) and the arms (in which many designs can be adapted with a very good result).

tattoo man 33

Cross surrounded by hands that hold a heart.

Another factor that we should refer to is that of style and that it can vary greatly depending on men or women. Men tend to opt for tribal style, which is characterized by thick black lines that draw different geometric shapes and biomechanical style, rising recently, in which there are different areas of the body torn that glimpse through the skin and the body is represented as if it were a gear or a robot.

By way of conclusion it should be mentioned that it has been spoken in general terms and that at no time is it mentioned that a style, area or color represents men or women but we speak in statistical and general terms, about tastes and preferences of men in as for the designs that usually demand.

Next, a collection of images of tattoos of different styles and designs and all of them in men.

tattoo man 52

We begin our wonderful gallery with this impressive design on the back, which represents a famous passage from the popularly known tale of The little Prince, written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

tattoo man 37

Great tattoo of musical style, with notes, a pentagram and the treble clef on the whole arm and part of the back of this boy. The design is made using black ink and many shaders.

tattoo man 23

Very original this one that occupies the whole head, in which a skull appears that spits out a metallic spine and neural connections based on metallic cables.

tattoo man 40

Typical spider web tattoo on the elbow. This design is so commonly chosen perhaps because the shape of the web fits perfectly with the shape and natural curves of this part of the body.

tattoo man 03

Large roaring lion on the shoulder, under which a message is tattooed in letters of a Hindu alphabet. The lion is made with enough detail.

tattoo man 08

Strange design of extended wings and flowers with leaves on the back. It is undoubtedly a very artistic and original composition, with a high level of detail and a very miniature tracing technique. A great job.

tattoo man 28

Tattoo on the hand and arm that represent the bones under the skin. This design can be somewhat macabre and creepy for certain people, it surely leaves no one indifferent.

tattoo man 41

The famous footballer David Beckham carries different designs throughout the body, from an angel with extended wings, a winged cross, letters of an exotic language and the arm completely tattooed with religious motifs.

tattoo man 10

This is very original. It seems that the skin is falling and shows that inside it has an armor of the Middle Ages, in which you can see a symbol of a network of lines of a marked Celtic style.

tattoo man 02

All a work of art tattooed on the back in which we can see the representation a rite of witchcraft, a goat is sacrificed and blood is taken to keep it in a glass next to a skull.

tattoo man 46

Great Buddha praying on a dragon that appears in the background and is incorporated forward surrounding the entire tattoo. It also has several Polynesian style designs around it.

tattoo man 51

Famous white-headed eagle design on the back on a background of a sun and its rays. The design is full of color and details, thus achieving the most colorful result.

tattoo man 26

Very original and sinister this tattoo made with scarifications on the chest of a boy, where you get the effect that there is someone under the skin pushing and trying to get out

tattoo man 16

Spectacular oriental style that completely occupies the back of a boy, in which it looks like a fish jumping in a waterfall on a flower that throws rays.

tattoo man 34

Cross on the arm stuffed with tribal forms. In the center it has a circle and within this circle it has a green clover. Both motifs belong to the Celtic style.

tattoo man 04

I would not know how to describe the meaning but it seems to be a biomechanical design that completely covers the arm.

tattoo man 06

Beautiful religious motifs in which two angels appear holding bouquets and pigeons.

tattoo man 17

A bamboo on the back of a boy, this design is loaded with meaning, since bamboo represents values ​​such as overcoming and perseverance in Eastern culture, as this plant endures the inclemency of time always growing upright in search of a little of sun and water.

tattoo man 30

Strange shape formed by tribal.

tattoo man 14

Angel kneeling with his big wings surrounding him as if he were protecting himself from something. Spectacular.

tattoo man 54

Image of a colorful panther on the neck next to a rose and green leaves. Surely if you like Old School you have identified this mixture of reasons because it is very common in that style.

tattoo man 35

Large cross on the back with Celtic tribal tattooed inside. Perhaps now they are not so popular but for many years the Celtic crosses for their meaning has been one of the most popular designs.

tattoo man 39

Tattoo of a winged cross that looks like a dagger, a knife to kill.

tattoo man 38

This boy has many different throughout the body, even in the face, with very different reasons. Because we need more images, we can only appreciate the letters on the forehead and the faces of women who have tattooed on the biceps.

tattoo man 01

Spectacular and original image of the back tattoo, without skin and without muscles this skeleton. A terrifying design that will serve you for Halloween. It may not end at the hip and continue to the feet but only with this photo we can not know.

tattoo man 07

In this image we can see the tattooed back of a boy with a spectacular angel with raptor wings extended emerging from the skin of the back, the angel is covered with torn tribal-shaped fabrics.

tattoo man 57

Spooky skull with sunglasses and a black crow perched on it. Under the skull we can see that it has a sign with an English word "Expendable" that translates as replaceable in Spanish.

tattoo man 05

Large elephant rosotro on the arm. It has both fangs and a tube even bigger than the head.

tattoo man 29

Smaller tattoo compared to those we have seen so far in men although it is a design that we have seen repeated before in this same article. The difference is that it didn't include the English phrases before. Did you like the lyrics that have been used here?

tattoo man 21

This man carries the entire back of the tattooed body. It starts in the head and we don't know where it ends. You have to think before taking this important step because tattoos, although now changing, have not had a good image when looking for work.

tattoo man 09

Very elaborate colors, it seems real, it is a skull that retains part of the muscles of the face protruding from the skin on the side of a boy, an incredible tattoo.

tattoo man 53

Image of Jesus Christ and the Virgin. Again, a Catholic religious design.

tattoo man 31

Cross with wings and roses. We know that it is a Celtic cross thanks to the lion that is right in the center.

tattoo man 18

Complex design with a multitude of textures very well achieved and offering a very good result.

tattoo man 42

Great designs on the arm where the "devil" appears in different positions but is the same. In the center it has several letters tattooed letters and also a date.

tattoo man 56

Although it has several, the neck is the most striking and is that it is the shape of the bones of the spine in black tones.

tattoo man 43

Without a doubt a very good design of the 300 film, with perspective and with a very good result.

tattoo man 20

We have already seen several designs similar to this.

tattoo man 50

This boy has both arms and back tattooed with different designs. We can see several tattooed women, a spider web, a little angel, a phrase with very small letters, two very large wings in the center and it has more tattoos on its left arm but we don't see them.

tattoo man 24

This man wears a very original one that appears to be the electronic circuit of a robot that looks on the skin. If you liked this guy, check out the article we have in the biomechanics category. You can search the article on google or any other search engine or in our search engine that you have on the right side.

tattoo man 44

At the top we see a representation of the famous image The Creation and below our religious scene where Jesus Christ is seen with several apostles. If you are Catholic you can choose any scene from the bible for your body.

tattoo man 22

Funny image of these two boys covered in tattoos. Sorry to say but you have to be very crazy or just love this fashion a lot to end up like this.

tattoo man 32

Different animal tattoos that can also be obtained with the help of Celtic forms.

tattoo man 15

Undoubtedly tribal style symbol that occupies the upper back and part of the neck. Truly, although they have been used tribal to form the tattoo and sincerely, I hate them, when combined with the wings and with the colors used, the result seems incredible and I like it.

tattoo man 19

As we have seen in this collection, when men decide to get a tattoo they choose large motifs that cover a large part of the body.

tattoo man 59

Cross with Celtic style knots inside it and with a good saturated black tone. Sometimes some descriptions are difficult because there are drawings that are too simple like this and we can only talk a little about its history or its meaning and that is not simple work.

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