50 Latin word and phrase tattoos

For lovers of poetry or phrases that say it all, for those who at one time in their life want to remember forever what they have lived, for them and them there are the word and phrase tattoos in Latin, with an ideal fountain pen That gives them that touch of distinction.

Latin word and phrase tattoos are also interpreted to mark a belief, completely associated with religion or salvation, "to salus crossing"Salvation of the cross,"ab aeterno"From eternity.

Phrases that express how the person feels or famous phrases that have passed throughout history, phrases in Latin with a much more vivid, deeper, more romantic connotation “love vincit omina”Love overcomes everything.

Among the best known and most used phrases highlights "Come, vidi, vici"I arrived, I saw, I won, or the famous"Carpe Diem “Take advantage of the day that also means take advantage of life. Phrases for both men and women that involve each tattoo with meaning and give that special importance to the reason for tattoos in Latin, each one choosing between the thousands and thousands of tattoos of words and phrases in Latin that can be choose today.

Other well-known phrases:

SEMPER FIDELIS – Always Faithful.

AERE PERENNIUS – More durable than bronze.

The bronze is strong and durable so you can tattoo this to show that your relationship is strong and will last forever.

IN PERPETUUM ET UNUM DIEM – Forever and one more day

OMNIA VINCIT LOVE – Love conquers all

LOVE CAECUS EST – Love is blind

Sine amore, nihil est vita – Without you, life has no meaning.

Numquam periit love – Love never dies.

Fide et love – Fidelity and love

It is much more common to see whole sentences than to see single words, placed on the wrists, arms, next to the ankle, on the shoulder, the back or on the belly, sometimes linked to hearts, images or significant symbols such as the pigeons of the peace or a tree representing life and birth.

Latin phrases have a romantic, interesting, ancestral and very suggestive air, suitable to be mysterious make a tattoo can be much more provocative thanks to its writing and how it sounds than even its own meaning.

Latin phrases placed on the inside of the wrist are very common, as a souvenir or something you never want to miss, a stop in time that is shown with the similarity of a bracelet that helps you feel more secure or remember where it comes from, Latin phrase tattoos allow the person to be even more interesting, much deeper, that shows their feelings, ideas or beliefs through tattoos in places really important to him or her, it is very common to also place these phrases in the final part of the back and expose them with short t-shirts in summer to be able to show it freely.

We go now with a collection of tattoos with phrases in Latin.

latin tattoo 22

This beautiful tattoo that we see on the side of the foot with the phrase "Eis Quos I Love Alive" which means "Your love alive" in a beautiful typography.

latin tattoo 11

Beautiful and colorful tattoo of two birds and colored stars on the sides with a phrase inside "Alis Volat Propis" which means "Wings that fly nearby".

latin tattoo 29

Phrase related to music accompanied by musical notes. No doubt this person is a great music lover and wants to express it with a tattoo on his body.

latin tattoo 28

Latin phrase of large dimensions in the chest. Although the complete tattoo cannot be appreciated, it can be deduced that it is the phrase "Vincit omnia veritas", which means that the truth conquers everything.

latin tattoo 13

This tattoo on the wrist you have some words in Latin that means "Fly with your own wings". A great message of overcoming and self-sufficiency.

latin tattoo 55

Latin phrase that covers the whole chest of this boy that reminds us "Life is not afraid of death. Death".

latin tattoo 39

It is in the front part of the forearm. in which he says "I lived I dare to disagree".

latin tattoo 47

This is decorated with stars on the calf. with a message that tells us "For difficulties towards the stars".

latin tattoo 26

Finished on a cross and covering part of the instep and the side of the foot. "Friends on the altars"

latin tattoo 19

Tattoo with strange typology on the inside of the forearms.

latin tattoo 24

On the upper back of a girl in which you can read "Rats are not illegitimate."

latin tattoo 56

Beautiful Latin letters tattooed on the forearm of a boy. It means "Know yourself" in Spanish.

latin tattoo 16

This tattoo smaller than the previous ones. On the wrist. The typology is also simpler.

latin tattoo 57

A design full of details and worked lines, some of them very fine and with a good result. If anyone does not know the meaning of this phrase in Latin, the Spanish translation is something like "While I breathe, I hope" and it is also the name of a music album of a metal band but I don't think that was the reason.

latin tattoo 03

The well-known phrase "Carpe Diem" on the lower back of this girl. Little can we say more about this famous phrase that everyone knows and that is undoubtedly the Latin phrase that is most used. Is the "Carpe Diem" your philosophy of life?

latin tattoo 30

Long Latin phrase that covers the chest of this man, which means that it is better to be hated for what one is, than loved for what one is not. A phrase that bears authenticity and honesty.

latin tattoo 15

Latin letters accompanied by a cross that basically say: What nourishes me destroys me.

latin tattoo 17

This accompanied by a butterfly shows us a phrase that conveys the idea that it is better to be than to seem. Together with the butterfly it forms a delicate and beautiful combination.

latin tattoo 04

The famous phrase of René Descartes, philosopher, 17th-century French scientist with whom he ended the discussion about existence, the sentence says "I think then I exist".

latin tattoo 52

Another little known phrase tattooed on a man's biceps. There are phrases like these that are very little known and it is impossible or very difficult to find the meaning though. In this case it would come to mean something like "Live fast is the real life".

latin tattoo 10

Sensual phrase on the back of a girl, with Roman numerals included. It translates as "Sunday is a good day." Some translations may not have a clear meaning but I am sure that for this girl that phrase has a very important meaning.

latin tattoo 02

Small motif with the famous expression that literally means "something for something" in the form of a triangle.

latin tattoo 35

"Nobody imposes on me to provoke" can be read on this boy's forearm.

latin tattoo 43

Another case with a phrase accompanied by a cross. This phrase is related to the difficult path that success has.

latin tattoo 27

Be adorned in tribal style with a beautiful phrase that means "Love conquers everything."

latin tattoo 51

Back of a tattooed girl with several words. I have tried to provide you with the translation of this phrase but it has been impossible for me to find an exact translation into our language and that is something that often happens.

latin tattoo 32

Tattoo of a word with a Gothic typography. After investigating a little about this word and its meaning, I have to tell you that it is not a word from Latin and it is an Italian word that is related to the Sicilian mafia.

latin tattoo 42

Beautiful Latin letters entwined sinuous lines. His translation is something like: "If I don't find the way, I will."

latin tattoo 08

Original this design with phrase and Latin words forming three circles. Without a doubt, and I am sure that you agree with me, it is one of the best in this collection.

latin tattoo 46

These two men share the same tattoo that consists of two expressions, two stars, a bird and a world ball.

latin tattoo 45

Latin expression tattooed on the side of a boy, who takes almost all this area. The lyrics are illegible so I cannot give you the meaning of the expression on this occasion.

latin tattoo 23

In this image we can see another Latin expression on the back of a girl but I think it is not Latin and it is Italian although we already know that Italian is also another language that comes from Latin and that it is also seems very sensual to us.

latin tattoo 48

Nice lyrics that mean the famous expression "Everything happens for a reason".

latin tattoo 01

Tattoo of three small words. The Spanish translation is something like "I am not driven, I drive". It is perfect if you are a person who has personality and does not get carried away by others. I am particularly like that and rarely let someone else tell me what I have to do.

latin tattoo 20

Image of a widely tattooed boy in which we can look like several words on the side although they are not clearly visible so we cannot give the meaning in Spanish.

latin tattoo 54

Very nice this design that covers the entire back, we see words in Latin, a big tree and a message in English.

latin tattoo 41

Tattoo of some Latin words on a boy's forearm. The meaning is this phrase is: "My children, my life".

latin tattoo 25

This time glitters have been added to the letters, I am not a fan of this design, since when using Gothic letters you get a better result.

latin tattoo 53

Beautiful phrase, "The shadow passes, the light remains."

latin tattoo 50

Latin phrase with a scale at the top. For those who do not know what this phrase means, here is the answer: "Only God can judge me"

latin tattoo 14

Upper back of a tattooed girl with the famous phrase "Love conquers all things" with lines intertwining the letters.

latin tattoo 07

Image of a girl with her chest tattooed with the famous expression "Memento Morí" which means "Remember that you will die", which invites us to live life and take advantage of every second of it, since today, now we are alive maybe tomorrow or in some We are no longer in this world.

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