Why my TATTOO is RED

Why is my tattoo red?


You had been thinking about it for a long time, but you still had not dared, and in the end you managed to get that tattoo that you wanted so much on your skin and that has so much meaning for you. But, probably, if it is the first time you get a tattoo, you will have a large number of doubts and questions about the sensations it produces and the care you will have to perform, especially the first few days after you have done it.

Getting a tattoo can involve a series of discomforts, especially if you do it in certain areas of your body that are more sensitive because the skin is thinner, or because they are uncomfortable places that are constantly rubbing. But indifferently from the area where you have had the tattoo, there are certain symptoms or discomforts that will occur in those first days, such as a slight inflammation or a small itching sensation. Have you also noticed that it shows a red color or that the skin is reddened around? It is normal? In a COMO we answer your question about why my tattoo is red.

Causes of why your tattoo is red

As we have indicated previously, in the first days after getting a tattoo it is very likely that the area in which it is located is irritated and, therefore, shows symptoms of a mild irritation. It is absolutely normal for the skin around the tattoo to show a redness, to feel a sensation of itching (you should avoid scratching the area) and that a slight swelling appears that you notice that the tattoo is embossed. These signs are totally logical, since, especially if the tattoo is large or the area is more delicate, small aggressions on the skin have been suffered with a needle continuously, for several minutes or even several hours, so The area that has been attacked has to pass a recovery period, applying the care that the professional who has done the tattoo recommends.

If you follow the steps indicated in principle in a period of 2 or 3 days, the discomfort will begin to subside until it disappears completely. If not and so much the redness of the skin in the tattoo area As the rest of the symptoms, instead of disappearing gradually, they remain more than 3 or 4 days or even increase over time, the most possible is that a infection in the tattoo area.

Why my tattoo is red - Causes why your tattoo is red

Symptoms of infection in a tattoo

Has it been a few days since you got your tattoo and the redness is still present or is it older? If the rest of the signs have worsened and more symptoms have appeared, you may have an infection in the tattoo area. If you show several of these symptoms of an infected tattoo, after a minimum of 3 or 4 days after having done so, we recommend you go to your doctor.

  • Greater redness: If the area is not only still red, but the redness has increased and has spread, it is indicating that an infection has occurred.
  • Increased inflammation: It is normal, as we have explained before, that the area swell slightly the first two days, but not that the swelling increases and even deforms the tattoo.
  • Pain: After getting the tattoo you may notice slight punctures or a slight burning sensation, but if a more intense pain appears it is synonymous with infection.
  • Fever: Fever is the most reliable indication that there is an infection in the body. You can also notice tiredness and fatigue. With these symptoms do not delay to see your doctor so that the infection does not spread.
  • Presence of pus: If the inflamed area of ​​the tattoo begins to suppurate fluid, such as pus, it is also a clear sign of inflammation.

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Care to relieve the symptoms of a tattoo infection

When you wonder why my tattoo is red and you suspect the symptoms explained above that the tattoo area is infected, go to your doctor so that I can give you the precise indications to end it, which probably include the prescription of a local antibiotic (in the form of an ointment for topical application) or systemic antibiotic (orally). In addition, we offer you some tips to relieve the discomfort of symptoms until the infection disappears:

  • Cold compresses or ice: If you want to relieve the symptoms of itching and pain we advise you to take a small towel and soak it with cold water or take ice and wrap it in a towel. Apply either of them in the area until you feel relief.
  • Keep the area clean: Your doctor will probably tell you how to keep the affected part clean, usually with the application of water. Remember to wash your hands before and after touching the affected area.
  • Cover the tattoo if you are going to be outside: If you are at home it is best to leave the tattoo area uncovered, as this will speed up the healing process. But in the case that you are going out, the most advisable thing is to cover it with gauze and adhesive plaster to prevent it from being exposed to more infectious agents.

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Why my tattoo is red - Care to relieve the symptoms of a tattoo infection

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