Why my tattoo is embossed and itchy

When it comes to getting a tattoo, it is important to always go to professionals to avoid problems that may arise on some occasions, as is the case with relief. A situation that may occur, although the tattoo is already fully cured and time has passed. In addition, this relief is often accompanied by itching. If it has happened to you or is it your case today, you are sure to ask yourself?why is my tattoo embossed and itchy? From a COMO, we will explain what are the main causes that generate that relief and that also cause itching, in addition to telling you how much time it is necessary to wait for the tattoo relief to go down, although we already anticipate that the waiting time is different in each case depending on the tattoo you have done and many other circumstances.

Why my tattoo is embossed and itchy

In general, it is not strange that the tattoo has relief because, in fact, when what is done on the skin is done it is like a wound, which requires a healing process like any other.

That said, sometimes, there are specific cases in which the relief takes longer to leave or is much more bulky, among other possible consequences. And why does all this happen? The truth is It may be due to several causes, being the most common:

  • Allergic reaction: One of the main reasons why your tattoo is highlighted is an allergic reaction, which is mainly related to the ink that has been used. Tattoo allergy is much more common in cases where it has been tattooed skin with yellow and red tones. In these situations, the relief appears immediately and can remain for several days and even a few weeks. This can also be accompanied by itching.
  • Non-allergic reactions: The appearance of the tattoo relief may also be due to reactions that are not allergic. In fact, changes in the organism also explain its appearance. It is not uncommon for the change in mood or a simple power surge generate a reaction to the tattoo, manifesting in areas that are more sensitive in the body such as, in this case, would be the tattoo because it would not be healed.
  • Environmental conditions: the tattoo can generate itching depending on the conditions of the environment, the decisive factors being the temperature and humidity. And it is that at a higher temperature – as it happens in the summer – and more humidity, the more the wound will swell and the skin will be more tight, generating itching. However, with the cold that itching can also occur because the skin dries and, therefore, is more tight. In addition, sun exposure makes the relief appear.
Why my tattoo is embossed and itches me - Why my tattoo is embossed and itches

Keloid tattoo: why it appears and how it can be avoided

In addition to the previous causes that explain why the tattoo has relief, there is still another factor that must be taken into account and that also produces that relief effect on the skin after having tattooed it.

It is what is known as keloid tattoo. A term that refers to those tattoos in which It looks like a kind of cord that surrounds it. These cases occur because the person is prone to the formation of keloids, which is nothing more than a disproportionate and somewhat exaggerated growth of the scar tissue where the skin lesion has occurred, in this case, the one done when tattooing the skin.

But, in addition, the keloid tattoo may also appear due to hypertrophy problems, which are recognized because the hypertrophic scars They grow in thickness rather than surface as with keloids.

We must also take into account another fundamental difference between the two scars: the hypertrophic is less visible with the passage of time, while the majority of Keloids do not disappear or become flatter as the years go by

A reason for the latter why you have to extreme care after getting the tattoo to not perform simple gestures that favor the appearance of this type of scars. In this way, you have to:

  • Use creams that help skin healing
  • Avoid sunbathing after and before getting a tattoo
  • Do not take anticoagulants or medications or any other vasodilator products such as alcohol before and during the tattoo, although it is also important to avoid these types of products until you are well healed.
Why my tattoo is embossed and itchy - Keloid tattoo: why it appears and how it can be avoided

When the relief of my tattoo goes down

When the relief appears on the tattoo, one of the biggest concerns is knowing how long it will be like this. The truth is that you cannot give a clear and firm answer when the relief of a tattoo goes down, since It will depend on the size of the tattoo as well as the cause that originated the relief.

Anyway, as an orientation, it can be said that the relief takes time to leave between four and eight weeks –With the exception of hypertrophic scars and keloids-, which is the time necessary for the inks that have been used in the tattoo to settle.

With these explanations that we give you in a COMO, we hope to have answered your question of why is my tattoo embossed and itchy? It is always convenient to get in the hands of professionals to do the tattoo and follow their instructions before and after having tattooed the skin.

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