As we have already advanced, although pain is somewhat subjective because each person can withstand a specific amount of this sensation, it is also true that when tattooing there are areas of the body where tattoos hurt most. Therefore, we will give you a list of areas where more pain causes a tattoo:

Feet and ankles

The realization of a tattoo is still a series of continuous stitches with a needle to introduce the ink into our skin. Then, the areas where the needle must touch some bone will always hurt more than where there is muscle and / or fat. Therefore, one of the most painful areas is both the feet and the ankles since it does not contain practically muscular tissue and they are also areas with many nerve endings.

Elbows and knees

Just as the areas where there is not too much muscle tissue are the most painful options to make a body drawing, so are the areas where the skin is in constant motion as with elbows and knees. In addition, they are also areas where the needle with which the tattoo is performed is touching the bone all the time so the process can be quite painful.


Within the areas where tattoos hurt the most, we also find the forearms. This is because two nerves known as the ulnar and median nerves are found in the lower part of the arms. Due to the location of these two nerves and although it is an area with muscles and fat, the forearm is one of the most sensitive areas when getting a tattoo.


As with the forearms, the spine is also one of the most sensitive areas to get a tattoo since most of the nerves pass through this area of ​​the body. Therefore, if you are thinking of a tattoo in this place, you already know that you will have to endure quite intense pain.

Where tattoos hurt the most - Where tattoos hurt the most - the worst areas

Not all areas of the body have to be as painful as the previous ones. In fact, below we will give you a list of the places where it hurts less to get a tattoo:

  • Arms: If the forearm is one of the most painful areas, just the upper part of the arm is one of the most ideal places, but you want to suffer too much during the process. This is because the muscles in this place absorb the pain of the needles.
  • Thighs and buttocks: In these places it is where we tend to accumulate more fat, which to get a tattoo is good for us since it will absorb part of the pain.
  • Shoulders: as long as the tattoo does not extend to the upper area of ​​the shoulder blades, the shoulders are a recommended option for those who do not want to suffer much pain.
  • Calves: Due to the muscles found in this part of the leg, the tattoo will be much less painful than in other areas.
  • Upper back area: If you want a small tattoo it is a suitable place in case you do not want to suffer much pain in the process.

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