What is the meaning of star tattoos

What is the meaning of star tattoos


The stars they have become a very popular figure for the realization of tattoos in different parts of the body. The neck, the back, the wrists or the pelvis are habitual points in which the star tattoos. But beyond the figure is aesthetic or beautiful, what does it symbolize ?, in we explain what is the meaning of star tattoos.

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The stars they are figures with a powerful and ancient symbolism, which has been found present in many cultures throughout history. A star tattoo It is very representative, serving as an element of guidance and protection for those who wear it, because remember that in nature the stars are the guides of travelers.


The stars, for being a night element, they represent the fight against the dark symbolizing according to the amount of points the divine bond that exists between man and God. They are also considered an image that personifies truth and spirituality, because they illuminate the night.


The staff or star of five tips is one of the most popular figures for tattoos. This star has a strong symbology, for the Celts the stars were the image that represented their magicians and storytellers, four of the five points of the pentagram represent the four elements of nature: water, fire, air and earth . The fifth point is the union of all these elements with the spirit, meaning the balance of our spirit with nature.

If the five-pointed star is facing down, that is, with the main point down, then it symbolizes evil and darkness.

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A star tattoo five-pointed serves to remember the search for balance and harmony, so some Eastern cultures use the pentagram to wrap the symbol of ying and yang, thus enhancing its meaning that points towards the harmony of the elements and ourselves.

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The six pointed star, known as hexagram or David’s star, is a symbol with a very important religious weight. Popularly used in Judaism, this star symbolizes God’s interaction with man and the divine bond that unites them.

Legend has it that David used this figure on his shield when fighting Goliath, which is why he is commonly known as David’s star.

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The seven-pointed star or septagram is not as common as the pentagram or the star of David, however it is a tattoo that contains an important symbology, especially linked to the seven Chakras.

Seven is considered from the antiquity as a Kabbalistic number, so a seven pointed star tattoo It symbolizes the integration and the mystical powers we harbor.

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The eight star tips is also used in the tattoos. It is a symbol that had great weight in ancient Egypt, representing eight of its Gods during the sixth Pharaonic dynasty.

At present it symbolizes the fullness and regeneration, being a great image to wear on a tattoo.

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The last star figure that can be found is that of the nonagram or nine pointed star. Related to the nine elements, with stability and the possibility of change, this figure represents realization and stability but not in a rigid way, but always open to modifications.

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