What is the meaning of phoenix tattoos

What is the meaning of phoenix tattoos

The phoenix is ​​a mythological creature with many meanings behind it. If you want to get a tattoo and are considering choosing this creature as a design, you will surely want to know a little more about its history. We anticipate that tattooing the phoenix is ​​a symbol of strength and perseverance, indicated for people with a long journey behind them, who have had to be reborn and adapting to difficulties differently.

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Phoenix bird tattoo as a symbol of strength

The phoenix is ​​a mythological animal that is characterized by catching fire when it is old and reborn from its own ashes. This extraordinary image indicates a behavior that transform vulnerability into strength. Since the phoenix passes from being a beautiful bird to an old bird, it is incinerated and reborn. It means that, cyclically, when you are in a bad moment, you take the situation to the extreme to hit bottom and get up from there, in a completely renewed and different way, but being you.

It also symbolizes cyclic energy. That is, as a person all your vital processes have a beginning, a development and an end that make you stronger to start the next cycle. If you understand that life is going to be learning and overcoming lessons, tattooing a phoenix can help you remember in a very beautiful way that even if you are at a time when you do not see anything because everything goes wrong (as if you were burning) then you will be reborn from the ashes with everything you've learned and become a new and stronger person.

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What is the meaning of phoenix tattoos - Phoenix bird tattoo as a symbol of strength


Phoenix bird tattoo as a symbol of eternity

Because it is an animal that never dies, phoenix tattoos symbolize eternidad. In some cultures this figure was extolled to identify the power of an Empire with the ability of this magical animal to burn and be reborn from among its own ashes, without ever dying. In the people who wear this tattoo symbolizes that they are faithful to their character, which always leads them to resurface from bad times, although it can also cause them. The phoenix is ​​an animal of fire, and how it burns and at the same time gives life. It is a tattoo design for people who have a strong character.

A very curious case is the city of Beirut, in Lebanon, which has been identified numerous times with the phoenix because it was burned and rebuilt 7 times throughout its history.

Tattooing this animal means that you have a personality that never dies. As much as things change and have difficulties, you keep fighting until you rise from your own ashes and, in a renewed way, get ahead. If you have a clear objective in your life that you want to reach despite the difficulties, and you understand that the path to reach it is an apprenticeship, the phoenix is ​​a tattoo that can symbolize it like no other.

Mythological meanings of the phoenix

According to the Greek historian, Herodotus, the phoenix was originally from Ethiopia. In that country, it was recognized because from time to time it made its nest in the cup of a cypress (sign of death) where, after having collected (according to Ovid, Roman poet) incense, cinnamon and all kinds of aromatic plants, sat and it began to burn, "surrounded by all those precious smells" from which it fed, since it is not known that the phoenix ate or drank anything. After three days on fire, he flew out of his ashes, with a bright and young plumage.

In Egyptian mythology, during the time of the pyramids, it was believed that this bird was responsible for the birth and death of the Sun. According to the Egyptians, the phoenix, which they knew as Bennu, accompanied the Sun every day with its beak and was born and died with him. Likewise, the power to control the flow of the Nile waters and the flooding it causes once a year was attributed to it. So that Phoenix bird tattoos can also be interpreted as a sign of power.

Christianity introduced this image to represent the resurrection of Christ, and his figure appears in numerous works of art from the Middle Ages. It is a tattoo that you can have, then religious connotations if it is accompanied by some other biblical sign.

What is the meaning of phoenix tattoos - Mythological meanings of the phoenix

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