What is the meaning of fairy tattoos

What is the meaning of fairy tattoos


The fairies They are the most chosen images for tattoo designs, being a figure used especially by women. We can find them in many types of presentations: romantic, gothic, inspired by cartoons, the fact is that their sensuality and mystical power are very attractive.

But before choosing this figure to carry it forever, it is important to be clear what is the meaning of fairy tattoos and how he can relate to you. Keep reading and find out in a Like.

The fairies

The fairies are fantastic and mythological creatures whose main quality is its delicacy, beauty and femininity, they are always represented by the female sex and are usually accompanied by beautiful and ornate wings, generally similar to those of a butterfly.

In many cultures they are considered as nature protectors, a figure that is present in various mythologies such as Greek, Celtic or Cantabrian. They have been associated with the world of magic and spells, belonging to the same fantasy imaginary as other characters such as elves or elves. Fairy tattoos can have many meanings and be used with different symbolisms, in this article we explain the most popular ones.

What is the meaning of fairy tattoos - Fairies


A protection symbol

Fairies have appeared for centuries as great protectors of nature, with which they have a special connection, so it is a perfect image for women who love the natural world and at the same time want to tattoo an element that makes them feel safe and protected.

Currently we usually refer to Fairy Godmother like that woman who takes care of us and protects us, this character being an important quality of this figure.

What is the meaning of fairy tattoos - A symbol of protection

Image: anubis tattoo

Femininity and beauty

Many people who tattoo themselves do not think about their particular meaning but in the powerful aesthetic appeal of this figure. Fairies represent femininity, beauty and delicacy, so they are ideal for those women who are looking for a beautiful and aesthetic figure. At the same time it can be a representation of our own feminine side, of our connection with the world of women.

Connection with childhood and youth

They are present in a large number of children's stories and mythological stories, so it is not surprising that the meaning of fairy tattoos also revolves around our desire to maintain that connection with youth or with our own children's stage.

This image may evoke that time of your childhood that you devoted to stories and mythology, but at the same time it will represent eternal beauty and youth.

Freedom and magic

Having wings automatically gives them the ability to get where they want with complete freedom. Like bird tattoos, having a fairy tattoo can symbolize your own desire to achieve or maintain freedom, reaching your dreams.

In addition this figure has always been linked to the world of magic and spells, becoming a symbol for those girls who are attracted to that supernatural way of observing the world. It is undoubtedly an excellent option to wear on your skin, full of a powerful ancestral symbolism, but if you are still not sure that this is what you want and you are also interested in other powerful images, then do not miss our articles:

What is the meaning of fairy tattoos - Freedom and magic


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