What is the meaning of arrow tattoos?

What is the meaning of arrow tattoos?


Tattoos are one of the best ways to express our personality, feelings, ideas or tastes through something visual that will accompany us forever. Therefore, choosing an image whose meaning is important to us is the best way to choose what we will engrave on our skin. For example, there is no doubt that arrow tattoos are becoming a more popular alternative. But do you know what they represent? Having it clear is basic before taking the final step and, therefore, in a HOW we explain in detail what is the meaning of arrow tattoos so that you discover if it is the ideal image for you, taking into account its interpretation whether they are alone or accompanied by other elements, such as pens or compasses.

The meaning of arrow tattoos

The arrows are an excellent image for a minimalist tattoo because they tend to be delicate, thin and perfect for those looking for something that is not too thick or flashy. However, and given the great diversity of designs that exist, only you will decide what the appearance and aesthetic will be, so you can opt for the minimalist or make a tattoo large or ornate, full of details, because the arrows are very versatile elements.

But now what we came to, what is it? the meaning of arrow tattoos? It is no secret to anyone that arrows have been one of the most used weapons in antiquity, so their first meaning is related to the protection, it is a symbol that represents the protection of everything that can hurt us or harm us in a real or figurative way.

Another of the powerful meanings of arrow tattoos have to do with evolution and the need to move forward. Once an arrow is fired it can only go in one direction: forward, so it is an image that serves to remind us that it is in that direction that we should go, leaving behind conflicts and problems to evolve where we want .

Furthermore, if your sign is Sagittarius Surely you will love to know that the arrow next to the bow is one of the most used images to symbolize this zodiac sign, so you can opt for this simple but representative tattoo.

What is the meaning of arrow tattoos - The meaning of arrow tattoos


What is the meaning of arrow tattoos for couples?

If you are looking for a good tattoo design for couples, which has a special meaning and suitable for those who are united like this, the tattoos of arrows for couples They are a discreet and ideal option.

It is an image that also serves to represent loveWell, let's not forget that the mythological character Cupid arrow his victims to produce the crush. Therefore, if you want to represent that feeling that unites you with your partner, you can choose the same arrow and tattoo it on your body as a symbol of their union, or choose a design that makes both complement each other, without needing them to be the same.

What is the meaning of arrow tattoos - What is the meaning of arrow tattoos for couples


What is the meaning of feather arrow tattoos

Not all designs of tattoos of arrows they have the final part of the feathers that is typical of those used as a weapon in the past, but sometimes they are simply signs that point a direction with nothing behind. However, there are those who wonder about the meaning of the arrows with feathers on the tattoos and the truth is that they can be several.

For example, on the one hand, you can make direct reference to ancient cultures or indigenous cultures, like the American Indians of different tribes or Australian natives or the Amazon rainforest. On the other hand, they can mean, whether the pen is included in the final part or if it is placed next to the arrow, which is sought freedom, strength and courage.

Meaning of crossed arrow tattoos

The position of the arrows and some elements of their design can also modify their meaning. For example, one of the most popular positions is to join two arrows and place them crossed, but there are those who choose to include even more of these symbols.

Thus, in this most popular case, it is interpreted that two crossed arrows mean friendship, the appreciation towards our close friends, so it is a perfect image to tattoo with a friend you love and that is an important part of your life. In addition, it also gives more weight to the very basic meaning of this symbol, which is the protection.

What is the meaning of arrow tattoos - Meaning of cross arrow tattoos


Meaning of arrow tattoos with compasses

Currently, there are also people who choose to include another element widely seen in tattoos: compasses. The tattoos of compasses refer to style old school and to the elements related to the sea, but above all they aim to find the direction to achieve what we want, not to feel lost and, according to seafaring beliefs, it is a symbol of protection, security, strength and courage.

So, Arrow tattoos with compasses They can have different meanings depending on how the elements are placed. For example, a good idea is to design a compass that points north, the direction that is usually indicated as safe and correct, but an arrow that crosses it and points in another direction, indicating that we have our own path.

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What is the meaning of arrow tattoos - Meaning of arrow tattoos with compasses

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