What does it mean to have a tattoo on the ankle?

The ankle is one of the areas where tattoos are best left. The area is much wider than whatue it may seem, the key is to take advantage of its anatomy to place the design that we like the most, adapting to it. get an ankle tattoo It says a lot about you to begin with, that you are a person balancedYou know how to have fun but you are also serious and responsible with your obligations. Here are some ankle tattoo ideas.

+ Moon. A moon looks good anywhere but we love this idea that surround the bone that protrudes under the skin. The moon represents magic and femininity.

+ Branch. Branches with leaves are one ideal option for tattooing on this part of the body because its design can go through the ankle from the foot. The branches and leaves represent love of nature.

+ Footprints. If you have an unconditional love for animals or want to get a tattoo in honor of your pets, this type of tattoo looks great on the side of the ankle.

+ Sun. The sun represents the life, light and positivity. Being a simple tattoo, which can be done in a small size, it is ideal for this part of the body that leaves small spaces of skin between the shapes of bones and cartilage.

+ Unicorn. They remain the stars of Instagram and are a perfect choice for wear them on top of the ankle in a ‘rampant’ position. Unicorns represent fantasy, goals that seem impossible, and purity.

+ Words. In the area that is under the ankle bone they have room short words or phrases and even names.

+ Heart. As with moon and sun tattoos, hearts are also ideal for this part of the body due to its simplicity, although if you want, you can always opt for more elaborate ankle designs.

get a tattoo on your ankle

+ Butterflies. We really like the idea of ​​wearing two matching tattoos on the front of the ankle. Butterflies represent femininity, sweetness, change and evolution.

+ Triangles. In this case it is the symbol of The Harry Potter Deathly Hallows but triangles, circles and any other geometric shape fit perfectly into this space.

+ flowers. The flowers are ideal to wear on the ankles because its stems can travel the side in a very sexy wayEach species represents a different concept but the roses, like the one in the drawing, are a symbol of passion and love.

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