What do tattoos with flying birds mean

Bird tattoos in flight are very popular, especially among girls and, in addition to being delicate and feminine, they have a very special meaning. Birds have always been a very recurring motif among tattoo lovers, especially swallows. You want to know what do tattoos with flying birds mean? Keep reading!

one Freedom

The flying birds are the Symbol of freedom par excellence. As with butterflies, flying means going wherever you want, without ties. Simply spread the wings, find an address and travel the world.

two Change

Due to migratory processes It is normal for many types of birds to use these types of tattoos to reflect a great change, it does not have to be a residence, but it is one of the main reasons.

3 Break the barriers

Another very common tattoo that refers to birds in flight is that of empty cages, with the doors open. A flock of birds is usually depicted to the side as a symbol that they have escaped their bonds.

4 Tribute

Bird tattoos in full flight can also be used to represent people who are no longer with you or that have meant a lot in your life, those that have taught you ‘to fly’.

5 Good luck

In the style of tattoos old school swallows are very common. These birds are part of the repertoire of sailors. They symbolized the back home (they always appeared when the ship approached land) that is why they were synonymous with good fortune.

6 Guide for difficult times

The birds always remember the way home, some even return to the same place where they were born to take care of their young. A bird in full return It represents the return home, the return to the origins.

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