What do semicolon tattoos mean?

What do semicolon tattoos mean?


The semicolon tattoos they have invaded the Internet, they have become viral images and suddenly it seems that many people have decided to mark this punctuation mark on their skin forever. But beyond the common use we know of the semicolon, this spelling sign hides a great symbolism and a solidarity and generous cause that you should know.

Do you want to discover what do semicolon tattoos mean? whether you've seen the semicolon tattoo online and you're curious as if you want a semicolon tattoo for men or women, keep reading this article. From a COMO we tell you everything you need to know.

Semicolon tattoo: origin

If you are interested in this tattoo, it is because you will surely have seen a large number of people wear the semicolon somewhere in their body. But do you know what is the origin of this trend? What appears to be an apparent fad is, in reality, a positive and hopeful cause for millions of people.

Everything came about as a result of the creation of Project Semicolon (semicolon project), a non-profit project created in 2013 by Amy Bleuel. For Bleuel, the meaning of the semicolon tattoo went beyond a writing symbol; It represented a tribute to his father, who had committed suicide 10 years earlier.

For this girl, semicolon tattoos symbolized the desire and struggle to live after going through a difficult time marked by depression and suicide. The semicolon tattoo It was very well received by the online community and, after a short time, it became one of the most popular and demanded tattoo designs by the public.

Meaning of semicolon tattoo

Project Semicolon, or semicolon project, is an idea aimed at all those people who have suffered or suffer depression, addictions or anxiety, as well as suicidal people who are self-injured or who are in deep sadness.

For that reason, the semicolon sign represents an image of hope to help those depressive people or with some type of mental disorder to remember that the state in which they are is not the definitive end, but a new beginning. This tattoo represents the constant support towards those people who feel lost or alone and who believe there is no possible way out.

What do semicolon tattoos mean - Meaning of semicolon tattoo


The semicolon tattoo and other meaningful tattoos

The semicolon tattoos, as we have seen, quickly became a symbol of support for those who have to face a mental illness every day. If you have a friend or friend who suffers from depression or someone in your family has gone through or is going through a similar situation, the semicolon tattoo meaning It is ideal to have marking on your body.

But there are many others meaningful little tattoos that you can combine with the semicolon tattoo. The butterfly, as you can see in the image, is a tattoo that blends perfectly with the semicolon, since it is also a small design with great symbolism. The butterfly, according to the Aztecs, was part of the soul of the deceased. For that reason, when a butterfly flew near someone, it was said that some ancestor was protecting him from evil spirits. If you are interested in learning more about this tattoo, we recommend this article about the Meaning of butterfly tattoos.

Other tattoos with meaning that can look good with the semicolon tattoo are:

  • Some phrase like the one in the picture, in which you can read: "My story is not over yet."
  • A wave: the waves of the sea are a symbol of strength, courage and overcoming adversity. For this reason, from a COMO we believe it is a good design to combine with the semicolon tattoo. If you want more information about this illustration, do not miss this article on What is the meaning of the wave tattoo.
  • Bows and arrows: bows and arrows are another example of small and meaningful tattoo, since according to Roman mythology, Cupid, god of love, was always loaded with a bow and arrow. Combine this design with the semicolon (or semicolon tattoo) It can be a great option if you want to pay tribute to a loved one who has gone through a difficult situation.
What do semicolon tattoos mean - The semicolon tattoo and other meaningful tattoos




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