What do dice tattoos mean

The dice tattoos they are very popular. If you have played board games or gambling you will be familiar with them. And if you are a fan of any of these games, you may have considered on some occasion tattoo some dice somewhere in your body. Its meaning goes much further and, like other popular tattoos, they can represent very complex concepts. We will reveal them to you.

+ Luck. The roll of the dice depends on luck, so they are considered a symbol of luck. You can tattoo your dice with a number that is important or representative to you in some way. Thus, your dice or your dice will become a kind of amulet Lucky.

+ Random. In a dice roll, whether one or the other number comes up is a matter of chance. The dice represent in this sense things that cannot be predicted, pure chance.

+ Hobby for games. If you like gambling or board games You may have thought about tattooing some dice to represent your passion. Also take into account the rest of the meanings and what the dice actually represent.

+ Lifetime. Since dice tattoos represent luck and chance, many people wear them to represent the unpredictability of their own lives. We never know what we are going to face in it, no matter how much we prepare ourselves and work on something, in the end we depend on luck.

+ Taste for risk. In the same way, dice can represent that you like to take risks, that you try what others do not know dice tattoosdare and you’re going for everything in life.

+ There are dice of many types depending on the game you want to play. The most common are six-sided dice with numbers in the form of dots in each one of them. But there are dice with more faces. They are typical of more complex games, so they can be an original way of representing your life.

+ There are also four-sided dice, which include another class of symbols, so you can personalize yours with the ones that best represent your personality or your way of seeing life.

+ Also, You can accompany your tattoos of dice of phrases. One of the most common is: “Alea jacta est”. It is a Latin phrase that means “the die is cast”.

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