What do creeper tattoos mean

The creeper or climbing plant tattoos They are very popular because they are very sexy in any part of the body where they are performed. It is a type of vegetable tattoo (with leaves and flowers) that climbs the body creating beautiful shapes. But it also has a very special meaning worth knowing. We discovered it for you!

+ Nature. Like all tattoos of plants, leaves, trees … creeper tattoos they represent love for nature and the plant world.

+ flowers. Depending on the type of flower the vine has, it may mean a different concept. If you carry roses, for example, represents passion, if it carries daisies, Sweetness…

+ Strength. If the vine has thorns, which is common in some plant species, the tattoo represents that person’s strength when it comes to face great difficulties.

+ Eternity. The vines are often presented in a spiral, so they can also be related to a concept as complex as the eternity.

+ Union. The vines can be used to match several different tattoos and create unique and very personal designs. Therefore, they also indicate the union between two people or between the different parts of your personality.

+ Creeper ankle tattoo

+ Creeper shoulder tattoo

+ Creeper tattoo on arm

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