What do cardinal point tattoos mean

The Cardinal points represent the four basic reference points for orientation in space: north, south, east and west. There are many tattoos that represent them in different ways and therefore have different meanings.

+ Arrow tattoos

Often the Cardinal points they are represented by arrows because they are used to take a direction. The arrows represent a path to follow that leads us to an objective that we have set ourselves or that indicates the way back home.

+ Compass tattoos

Compass tattoos are said to don’t lose the northThat is, to avoid deviating from that path or the vital objective that you have set for yourself.

+ Globe and house tattoos

This tattoo that various elements represent that the person who lives it travels all over the world, that his house is where he carries his suitcase. The Cardinal points they are represented here on the star of the globe and mean that this house can be anywhere.

+ Flower tattoos

The petals of this flower represent the four cardinal points in a very elegant way. In this case it does not add more meaning, it only embellishes a classic tattoo and gives it more personality.

+ Anchor and Arrow Tattoos

We love what this tattoo represents. Its owner has tattooed her parents’ birth dates with a compass and an anchor. Together they represent that those two people are its north and its anchorThat is, her point of reference and the people who always help her to overcome difficult times.

+ Map Tattoo

The tattoo of the Cardinal points it is combined with a map in which an airplane connects Spain and Colombia. It is a complex and very personal tattoo that represents the roots of the person wearing it.

+ Sea and mountain tattoo + airplane

Travel and seeing the world are two concepts closely linked to cardinal point tattoos. In this case, these three elements are located in the center of the tattoo in a very original way.

+ North Tattoo

It is another way of representing Cardinal points, more specifically, the north. The polar star marks the north, because it is the closest to Earth’s axis of rotation.

+ Tree Tattoo

Trees are very often used to represent the family. In this case, combined with the Cardinal points means that the family is the reference of that person in life.

cardinal points tattoos

+ Clock Tattoo

Combining compasses and watches is quite common in the world of tattooing and yet for each person it can represent something different. Clocks remind us that the time goes quickly and that you have to enjoy it.

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