Truths and lies about tattoos

The tattoo world has always been surrounded by myths and legends, truths and lies. We review what are the main beliefs about this art and we reveal which ones you should believe.

+ Wearing a tattoo prevents you from having a good job: FALSE. The most cutting-edge companies, especially those in the technological world, increasingly pay less attention to the aesthetics of their workers and focus on their capabilities.

+ Over time it turns green: TRUE. But it only happens with those tattoos that were made in the 50s and 60s. The inks of now are better and that does not happen.

+ You will regret it when you are old: FALSE. That typical phrase that mothers say is far from reality. According to a study, 84% of tattooed people do not regret never.

+ You should not get a tattoo during pregnancy: TRUE. It is not that anything will happen, but as a precaution it is recommended to wait for the baby to be born.

+ They bleed a lot when doing them: FALSE. Only little points of blood come out. When they are done shaded It may bleed a little more, but it cuts right away.

+ You cannot donate blood: TRUE. But only for the four months after I had it done, just like the piercings. Then you can donate without any problem.

+ You cannot have an MRI: FALSE. There are some inks, the ones that were used 40 years ago, that contained metals And it is true that they can react in this test, but with today’s tattoos it does not happen.

+ You can’t sunbathe: TRUE. If you want your tattoo to stay perfect, the sun is not your best ally. However, there are creams with special protection factor for tattoos with which you will not have any problem.

+ It is tattooed with a single needle: FALSE. In reality they are usually more than 3 and always in odd numbers.

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