Truths and lies about piercings

Piercings, like tattoos, are surrounded by false myths and half truths. Therefore, we have set out to collect the truths and lies about piercings to either deny or confirm them so that you can make them with (real) knowledge of the cause.

+ You cannot donate blood. FALSE. As with tattoos, you can’t do it right after you have it done, but if you wait a yearWhen the piercing is perfectly healed, you can be a donor without problems.

+ It can become infected. TRUE. And you can also do it even if it is scarred, so try to have proper hygiene in that area of ​​the body, wash your piercings with neutral soap and disinfect the earrings with alcohol from time to time.

+ A magnet could rip it off. FALSE. Surgical steel, silver or gold are not attracted to magnets of any kind. However, you can get hooked on clothes, hair and other external things, so be careful. If you go to the hairdresser, for example, take off the ones you wear on your ears.

+ You can catch an illness by doing it to yourself. TRUE. So it is very important that you choose a study of total confidence and make sure they use sterile material. The professional who does this should remove the instruments from individual sealed bags.

+ You cannot eat solid food with a tongue piercing. FALSE. It is not recommended to do it immediately after drilling, but a few days later you can eat normally.

+ You can lose your sense of taste with a tongue piercing. TRUE. You can lose if you do not get the piercing properly and even if you do it correctly, it can affect the taste buds around the piercing.

+ The hole will leave a mark forever. FALSE. Even the dilations are not forever, if they are not too big. Currently there are products that help close scars like the ones left by piercings.

+ Metal can make you allergic. TRUE. It is one of the most common things that can happen to you when you do a piercing, that the metal itself allergies you. Make sure the first one you wear is surgical steel since it is less likely to produce a reaction.

+ A nipple piercing can lead to a coma. FALSE. The things that are read on the Internet … no, get a pierced nipple, no matter how bad they do it, It cannot cause an immediate coma. What does happen is that if it gets infected, a little liquid can leak.

+ Genital piercings favor STDs. TRUE. Be careful with this. With piercings in such sensitive areas it is better to take precautions and hygiene measures because you have more possibilities of get a sexually transmitted disease.

+ With a navel piercing, you can be sterile. FALSE. It is practically impossible, unless you find a butcher. Of course, this area is very prone to infections, so take good care of it.

+ Holes can be closed. TRUE. If you go a long time without wearing an earring, the hole may close. If you want to open it again sometime, better turn to a professional.

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