Top 3 most tattooed people in the world

Everyone is free to do whatever they want with a body, so, in principle, there are no limits when it comes to tattooing the body. It all depends on how big your tattoos are but it sure will surprise you to discover that there are people with more than 300 tattoos from head to toe. There are people who wear hundreds, who have their bodies fully covered, who tattoo themselves up to inside the mouth and in the eyeballs… Do you want to meet them?

In the event that you are willing to become the next Rick Genest, the most tattooed man in the world, you have to start now. He has two Guinness Records for tattoos. He is the person with the highest number of insects (176) and the highest number of human bones (139). And is that his tattoos are designed to make him look like a corpse, yes, that’s why he is also known under the nickname ‘Zombie Boy’. So do the math, only if you add up his two world records you get more than 300 tattoos. Perhaps her face is a bit familiar to you, and it is that she was featured in Lady Gaga’s video clip, ‘Born this Way’.

zombie boy

Another of the most tattooed is Lucky Diamond Rich. In his case, his skin is all ink, so it is not very clear where one tattoo begins and where the other ends. And when we say it’s all ink we mean everything, and that includes your eyelids, the inside of your ears, and even your gums. It makes a guy that Lucky has started tattooing white symbols on his now totally black skin. It will be that he does not want his position removed.

Top 3 most tattooed people in the world

Regarding women, the most tattooed in Europe is a Catalan. Her name is Lydia Reyes and she currently has 90% of her body tattooed. The 32-year-old wants to beat the world record and she is considering tattooing her eyelids to get it. For now, her eyeballs are tinted pink. She currently has 270 tattoos, but she plans to erase the vast majority of the ones that cover her face to get them done again.

Do you want to become part of the top 3 most tattooed people in the world? You already know your competition …

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