Three things to know about tattoo moisturizers

True art, tattooing has known for a few years an unprecedented craze in France. If some wear it to affirm their belonging to a community, others on the other hand wish to express a thought, a desire or simply show their love to a person. However, following a tattoo, it is important to take the necessary care for your skin in order to promote healing. To do this, many tattoo artists recommend using moisturizers for tattooing. Discover in this article the information to have on moisturizers for tattoos.

How to choose moisturizers for tattoo?

In order to enjoy the benefits of moisturizers for tattooing, it is important to pay special attention to certain elements when choosing them.


Listed on the back of the product, the list of ingredients will tell you about the components of the cream you want to buy. In order for a cream to be effective, it must contain elements such as:

  • snail slime which has the ability to remove scars and soften the skin;
  • the aloe vera which is known for its moisturizing effect;
  • essential oils which are appreciated for their anti-inflammatory properties and their healing power.

These different ingredients are important selection criteria, because they will accelerate the healing process, will ensure the perfect hydration of the skin and will reduce the premature appearance of wrinkles.

The substances to avoid

Apart from the specific ingredients mentioned above, there are certain toxic substances to avoid because of their dehydrating effects on the skin. So, in your quest for moisturizers for tattooing, you should avoid products based on diethanolamine, polyethylene glycol, butylated hydroxyanisole which are known for their toxic effects on the epidermis. If you want to know the best moisturizers for tattooing, you can go to which will reveal effective tips for choosing products.

How to use moisturizers for tattoo?

The beauty and the shine of your tattoo will be essentially conditioned to the care that you bring to it during the healing period. After finding the necessary tattoo moisturizers, it is important to apply them rigorously by following different steps, namely:

  • tattoo cleaning : it is necessary that the application surface of the creams is clean and free of microbes or foreign bodies. So, you should wash your tattoo with an antiseptic soap or a neutral pH soap. It is advisable not to rub the tattoo, but rather to caress it gently so as not to irritate the skin. After that, you can rinse and wipe with a clean towel;
  • applying the cream : apply a sufficient amount of cream on your tattoo by rubbing lightly to allow better penetration of the cream.

How often are tattoo moisturizers used?

To allow your tattoo to heal quickly, it is recommended to use moisturizers two or three times daily for two to three weeks. It is important to mention that the frequency depends essentially on the evolution of the healing. This routine will allow you to get a beautiful tattoo as well as healthy, firmed and toned skin. In addition, following a tattoo, it is recommended to avoid exposure to the sun, to scratch, to rub the tattoo during a bath or even to go to the swimming pool.

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