The worst tattoos in history

A well done tattoo can be everything a work of art, But when the one who does it has a lousy idea or when the tattoo artist does not have a good day, they can end up becoming something similar to the Ecce Homo de Borja. If you do not want to fall into the same trap as them, we recommend that you take a look at our compilation of the worst tattoos in history.

+ The worst idea: sometimes it is a question of concept. At what point does it occur to you to tattoo something as strange as a cupcake and the word ‘tasty’ and join them with some lines? Well that.

+ The worst clover: clover tattoos are very common because you tend to think they are lucky, but this one looks like anything but a clover!

+ The worst blur ?: It is worth that you want to cover a tattoo that you no longer like, but tattooing a stud on it does not seem the most elegant option of all …

+ The worst spelling: Getting a tattoo with misspellings is one of the worst mistakes that can be made, more than anything because it is up to you to ask for it well. But it is that this also has a superbasic error.

+ The worst place: the tattoo is not very beautiful in itself, it looks like a drawing of a small child. Elsewhere I could have your gracebut below the knee? Seriously? Was there no other place?

+ The worst portrait: The portrait tattoos is a separate science. You have to be very good to be like Kat Von D. but to draw Death with a lazy face it has no name.

+ The worst animal: This tattoo has been around the Internet a lot and there are several versions of it. What we like least is that is covering another tattoo And, on top of that seen below, it looks like it was much better done than the famous panther.

+ The worst moon: The moon is supposed to have a more or less pleasant and friendly face, but this one seems to be she is very angry and who wants to squeeze the star between its ends well until it is torn to shreds.

+ The worst butterfly: Each species has colors and shapes that make them unique and very special and this is a churro, it cannot be defined in any other way! Because look how beautiful butterflies are.

+ The worst skull: there are skulls of all types and some are better made than others. This is one that takes the cake, but for ugly.

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