the rebellion of a sensual meaning

You know which one is the meaning of mermaid tattoos? Perhaps you have heard a lot about these beings, especially in myths and legends, but could you say what they symbolize? Mermaids are mythological beings to which a great and varied symbolism is attributed, for example, sensuality and danger, that is why it is often said that they are dual in nature. In Diario Femenino we tell you everything a mermaid tattoo means, the main types and, incidentally, the best places on the body in case you dare to make one. Let’s go there!

Mermaids are mythological creatures with woman body and fish tail. There is also the male version although, in this case, they are called newts. However, mermaids are the most popular and this is partly due to the large number of series and movies that are inspired by them, from The Little Mermaid to Splash going through children’s series like H2O or Mako’s sirens.

In all of them, the mermaids appear as a much sweeter version of what they started out as in mythology. While it is true that they were associated with goddesses Aphrodite and Venus Greeks and Romans, deities of love, have always had a darker side. The ones who started talking about these creatures in the first place were the sailors, who after spending long periods on the high seas claimed to have seen them. They attributed powers evil They claimed that the power of their song attracted ships to the rocks and cliffs on which they rested and made them shipwreck.

For this reason, they have always been a recurring symbol among sailors tattoos along with the anchors and the ships. Today, they are used to represent destructive loves, such as those that led to the death of sailors who fell in love with them. Hence, they are also made to represent feminine power, sensuality and passion.

Another of its meanings is that of get carried away by instincts. In this sense, a tattoo of a mermaid is quite a act of rebellion, since it implies breaking with social conventions and embarking on one’s own path.

Mermaids, always surrounded by myths, legends and half-truths, are beings that have always attracted a lot of attention to men and women throughout history, especially to men. sea ​​lovers.

It is also said that these special beings have become a classic that does not go out of style. They are still very present in books, stories and also tattoos. Do you know someone who has a mermaid tattoo? Perhaps you are the one who wears a very pretty and full color one on your back … Well, this is what a mermaid tattoo means. Ready to surprise you?

+ The union of gods and marine beings

Mermaids, as you may have heard, are mythological creatures with the body of a woman and the tail of a fish. How many series and movies have been inspired by them? Not to mention the myths in which sailors were caught by the song of sirens, fell under its spell and were unable to return home. This is therefore the first meaning attributed to mermaids and, therefore, to a tattoo of this type: sensuality and also danger from the unknown.

+ Loves and heartbreak

Mermaids are one of the favorite tattoos for lovers of the sea; However, more than symbolizing the sea, they mention the love, the passion, he wish and also to heartbreak Yet the unhappiness that remains after a break. According to the expression that the mermaid wears on her face, this is how it will be classified as love or lack of love, don’t you think that is super curious?

+ Freedom and sea

Sea, of course, mermaids speak of love and are also a ode to the sea. They are also to the freedom and to the immense sensation that is felt when human beings are only surrounded by water and their own thoughts. The sweet song of a siren that accompanies the navigator in her solitude and that at the same time worries her because she does not know if the melody is real or the result of her own wishes. Surely after knowing all these characteristics, every time you see a tattoo of a mermaid, no matter how small, you will know how to find its deepest side.

+ The double nature of mermaid tattoos

Sweet and sing-song or dangerous and seductive. How would you say mermaids are? We say that of the two and that the tattoo will say one thing or another depending on how it is designed and depending on the elements that accompany it. The nature of these mythological beings is dual, talk about good and evil and of the power of each one to decide the path to follow. Think of Ulysses, he had to choose whether to be seduced by the song of the sirens or whether to continue on his way to return to his beloved Ithaca.

+ Passion and sensuality

We have already told you before: mermaids sing of love and flaunt their sensuality in its purest form, so much so that it borders on eroticism. Here you have another meaning that is attributed to mermaid tattoos, passion, desire and sensuality. The long hair of these beings seduces just by looking at it. The fishtail marked in curves and the intense look that leaves no one indifferent. Of course, for a tattoo to have all this, in addition to exquisite details, it must be done by a tattoo professional.

There are many types of mermaid tattoos, as many as designs on paper, now, we can make a small classification about the ones they like the most. Knowing it will help you clarify your doubts about whether you do one or not.

+ Black and white mermaid tattoos

They are classic, beautiful and with unique details in which the look, the hair and the mermaid’s tail are very marked. Having no color, The tattoo is usually given realism with typical sea ornaments. Some say they are the best to do on the back.

+ And also in full color

This type of tattoo has gained a lot of prominence in recent years. It is not for less, there is no one who resists a colorful and expressive design. There are black and white versions that only color the mermaid’s tail, others that put the colorful note on the hair, and others that are traced in color from beginning to end. Which one would you say you like the most?

+ Old school, the quintessential mermaid tattoo

The ‘old school’ mermaid tattoos have a great North American influence. They are usually created in thick black lines filled with color only in certain parts. The finish is vibrant and eye-catching and the elegant and clean line.

+ Pin up mermaid tattoo

Here the look and sensuality of the mermaid is what is intended to represent in the tattoo. It originated in the 1920s, although it was not until well into the 1940s that it became successful. Soft colors mix with bright and mermaid hair is depicted long, thick and silky.

+ Big or small, you decide!

We can classify mermaid tattoos according to their size. There are large ones that occupy the entire back and there are so small that they fit in the middle of the ankle. He meaning is the same, the choice depends on the tastes of each.

+ With ornaments, another super pretty mermaid tattoo

What ornaments or details can you put on a beautiful mermaid tattoo? Well, as we have verified, the ones that are liked the most and best are the anchor, he swell, he trident held by the right hand of the mermaid, a pretty flower in hair and the Sun, the Moon and the stars. All these details must be drawn on the skin in a faithful way but without detracting from the mermaid.

If it is from little size, at ankle or in the doll, if it is large …

+ In the back

The back is an ideal place, a perfect canvas, to make a mermaid tattoo in full color or in black and white. You can do it covering the entire back or the upper half and add some of the decorations we’ve seen before.

+ In the arm

You can draw on the forearm or trace the layout to encompass the full arm. As we have told you before, as it is a complex tattoo, it is better to put yourself in the hands of only those who know the most.

Would you do a mermaid tattoo? In which part of the body? We read you in comments!

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