The passage of time and more meanings of tattoos with watches

The pass of the time It is a subject that worries all people at some time in their lives. For better or worse, time is ephemeral, it passes faster than we think and in the end things come and go without hardly knowing us. Wearing a watch tattooed can make us aware of this fact, but that is only one of its many interpretations. Do you know more meanings of tattoos with watches?

+ Mark a moment of the past. Whether we are facing a tattoo with an hourglass stopped as if it is about one of hands (or even digital) that signals at an exact time symbolizes a specific moment of the past or eternity. For example, the birth of a child or any other event that has meant a before and after in your life, as a great love. It can also mean that you keep a good memory of some time in the past.

+ Time flies. And so you have to make the most of it, dedicate yourself to do what you like and enjoy. In this case, wearing a watch will be a constant reminder that you have to live life because we are in a unstoppable countdown. For this, nothing better than a hourglass in operation or a pocket watch with hands that turn very fast.

+ Every moment is unique. Every second of your life it is unrepeatable, however much you always do the same tasks every time is unique and will not return. A tattoo with a clock can represent this concept.

+ Your interior. Wear a tattoo with the mechanism of a clock It is also very fashionable. It represents personality, your inner world, all the feelings and experiences that you carry inside and that remain hidden behind a facade.

+ Time heals everything. Thanks to pass of the time people manage to overcome almost everything that happens to them. In this sense, a tattooed watch It can mean that you don't have to get overwhelmed with problems because soon it will seem that They were not that important.

It is often thought that tattoos with watches are boring, since it is believed that they can only contain a dial with hands. Nothing could be further from the truth. The following Instagram images will show you that watch tattoos can be the most. They will inspire you!

one The clock that marks an important time

First of all we propose a clock that marks an important hour of your life. In this case, this tattoo records the date of birth of Noah, who is probably the son of the owner or owner of this arm. Instead of writing the time with numbers, it has been pulled from originality to design a clock stopped forever at the right moment of birth.

two Beware of the passage of time

A tattoo like this can be very scary, but it contains a very important message: every second that passes cannot be recovered. Death awaits us around the corner, and you never know what can happen, so it is better enjoy every moment that life has given us. To never forget, this person has decided to tattoo a watch next to a skull.

3 And you, how do you spend your time?

This work of art turned into a tattoo It is the most creative and original. Sometimes, we try to make time run faster than it already does and force events. The wait is complicated and patience is not a virtue that everyone can boast. This tattoo with a clock conveys this idea about the need we have to manage time at our whim instead of letting everything go its way.

4 Tattoo of a wrist watch

Get a tattoo of a wrist watch It may be a bit silly because it will only mark the time correctly twice a day. However, when you see a beautiful design like this in your hand, everything will start to make a little more sense. The clock is missed by the clock, which cannot avoid overflowing along the arm. The bright colors make this tattoo earn points.

5 Tattoo with an hourglass

If you like classic more, try tattooing an hourglass. This tattoo is perfect for lovers of times gone by. To emphasize the meaning of the tattoo you can accompany it with a phrase that makes it clear what you want with this design. For example, the owner of this drawing seeks to alert about the importance of not wasting time. "Time waits for no one".

Haven't you found your ideal tattoo yet? We can help you with many more ideas of tattoos that adapt to all styles. Do you already know what design to make? Tell us in the comments!

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