The mysterious secret of sunflower tattoos

The sunflower tattoos They are a type of flower tattoos with a special and different meaning. These flowers represent joy, thanks to its yellow color, and also the capacity for change. The sunflowers They receive their name because they are able to orient their crown towards the sun when they need it. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo with a sunflower, here are some options.

+ Along with other flowers. Sunflower tattoos, when complemented by others represent different personality traits. In this case, the joy, the positivity, the good vibes …

+ Inside of a heart. This is a very original tattoo. It is an anatomically realistic heart with a sunflower inside. This represents a hidden facet of personality, something that not let others see and which is kept for oneself.

+ With sun and moon. Here the sunflower is part of the sun, lThe petals are the rays thus reinforcing the idea of ​​light, joy and life. Instead, the moon is complemented by sprigs of lavender, a plant characterized by its relaxing aroma.

+ Comb and scissors. Tattoos that refer to a profession, such as hairdressing, work very well by themselves representing some of its essential elements. In this case, sunflowers could be just a decoration to make the most beautiful tattoo.

+ Large size. When a single flower occupies such a large space on the skin it is because the idea is that it shines by itself, that is, that it expresses only the qualities that are attributed to that particular flower. The form, in addition, fits perfectly with that of the body area in which is the tattoo.

+ Elephant. Elephants are one of the animals that carry the most tattoos. They represent family, group strength, wisdom, and longevity. Attached to a sunflower, represents the happiness that the family gives, lto positive energy that they transmit …

+ Arm. We love this area to go floral tattoos as spectacular as this one, which also combines other types of flowers with plant leaves, for which its meaning of vitality is reinforced.

+ Circle. The circles represent perfection, what fits, The ideal. We love how it is combined with this beautiful sunflower, because it represents a happy and perfect moment, of course.

+ ‘You are very sunshine’. It means something like ‘you are my ray of sunshine’. This tattoo can serve as a tribute to a loved one.

+ Black and white. If you want a tiny tattoo to wear behind the ear, this is ideal. It is not as vivid as if it were in color, but it is more delicate and simple.

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