The most summer tattoos

If this is being the summer of your life, You may want to commemorate it with a tattoo. But not with any one, but with one that reminds you exactly how you feel now. There are more summery tattoos than others and these are our favorites.

+ Summer fruits: watermelon, peaches, cherries … all these fruits are always the perfect ending to any binge At the sea’s shore. Remember the afternoons of that unforgettable summer by tattooing one of them.

+ Landscapes: nothing evokes summer more than the beach. A beautiful way to remember the summer of your life is by tattooing yourself a beautiful landscape of a beach, the one in which you have spent a few days that you can never forget.

+ Marine animals: Your most exotic summers can be full of beautiful memories with marine animals such as fish, turtles or dolphins. Without a doubt, a beautiful way to remember those magical moments of connection with nature.

+ Palms: If there is any type of tree that reminds us of summer, it is palm trees. They are usually on any promenade on the Spanish coasts and on the most paradisiacal beaches in half the world.

+ Ice cream: It is without a doubt our favorite summer food. There are many ways you can get a tattoo, but the most classic is our favorite: a waffle cone with several balls of different flavors on top.

the most summery tattoos

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