The metaphorical and beautiful meaning of punctuation mark tattoos

Punctuation marks are used to give intonation to a text, delimit sentences and define them in main and secondary. We know, they are things that we all study in school but, what tattoos with punctuation marks? It is a super-simple design that, in the meantime, is gaining more and more popularity. Pay close attention because, in Diario Femenino, we tell you the metaphorical and beautiful meaning of these so special tattoos.

The tattoos with punctuation marks serve to express to the wearer something metaphorical that it goes far beyond spelling rules. They are very simple black ink designs that occupy a minimal part of the body but are not complete if they are not given the meaning they deserve. Just what we tell you below!

+ Tattoo of a question mark that opens and closes

Interrogations are used to ask a question, if you put the question to yourself, you are asking yourself about your life: are things going well? Is it time to make a change? It is not that you have to constantly value this but you do remember that there are things that cannot be taken for granted and that one’s happiness is behind effort and self-improvement. Isn’t that a wonderful tattoo and a whole lifestyle?

+ And if it’s an exclamation …

If you bet on the exclamation, for example, on the wrist, what you are transmitting is your illusion for life and your positive attitude that always accompanies you, even when things are not going quite well. Enthusiasm, energy and vitality that belong to you and that is transmitted to everyone who sees your exclamation mark tattoo.

+ Ellipsis, what do they mean?

The ellipsis used in a text denote doubt, that something is going to come next or that an enumeration is not complete. In tattoos, too. It is, therefore, a tattoo with a lot of mystery that only the owner would know how to solve.

+ Semicolon Tattoo

These types of tattoos speak of the illusion for life, the desire to continue and go closing a chapter to open another. As with the ellipsis, the semicolon also denotes mystery and hope.

+ The meaning of an asterisk tattoo

The asterisk is a spelling sign that, if you see it written in a text, it means that at the bottom of the page there will be a clarifying note and, if you see it on the back of someone’s hand, It means that not everything is what it seems, that appearances can be deceiving and that only by knowing the person will you be able to have the answer to all the questions, nothing to make judgments and predispositions. As its design is similar to a star, it also has a certain nexus like the universe that surrounds us.

+ Quotes, a very popular tattoo

Placed at the beginning and end of a sentence, they open and close a quote or a sentence said by another person. In the case of tattoos, it is not intended to highlight what is of a third person if not the personality of oneself. It’s kind of a permanent reminder that you are important, that you are worth a lot and that you still have great things to do.

+ The meaning of parentheses

They serve to clarify something in a text, right? Well, written on the skin they speak of a rest, not so much physical but rather mental. They also refer to the desire for a change and the personal motivation to achieve it.

And you? than punctuation marks tattoo would you do

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